Advantages Of Facebook

Few days back, we saw some disadvantages of the world’s famous social networking website – Facebook. That could have disappointed some Facebook users, so here is an article on “Advantages of Facebook”. In this article you will get to know about 10 advantages of Facebook.

Some Real Cool Advantages Of Facebook:

1) Facebook helps us to find new friends and also helps to find our old friends. I have heard stories of people who found their old classmates with the help of Facebook after some many afters.

2) Accessibility to chosen universities having a high level of security: Facebook provides a safe environment for university related data transferring.

3) It is easy and secure to use – Facebook has a clear and a simple template or theme. Which makes the user feel comfortable in using Facebook. The average time spent on Facebook is enough to prove this point, isn’t it?

4) It helps you to share your mind with your friends – You can update your status, share pictures, videos, music and more.

5) Facebook helps in eliminating the effect of distance between friends, parents, relatives etc.

6) It helps in business promotion through Ads and Fans page. Web masters create fans page at Facebook and people who like their website can become a fan of their page and get updates from their site. This helps web masters in promoting their sites. Have visited Geeks4share’s Fan page? If not, here you go.

7) Facebook entertains people through some Applications and Games, moreover staying connected with friends itself is an entertainment. Some people comes to Facebook only to play games. Funny right they have lots to know about Facebook!

8) You can discuss with your friends about your classes, if you didn’t attend them. So, you need not ring your friends up to ask what happened in class when your were on leave.

9) Even some people use Facebook as a dating system. Good idea? I don’t think so!

10) People, mainly students of age 15-20 use to gather as a group and starts to chat.

Using Facebook’s group chat feature, you can chat in group without meeting your friends. You can just create a group and add our friends who use to join you during chat, and then you can just chat in groups.

11) Facebook is a boredom killer! However after few months after you started using Facebook, even Facebook will seem to be boring.

12) Facebook’s all new subscribe features, allows you to subscribe to celebrities or whomever you wish so that you can get updates from them in your news feed, so you don’t have to be their friends to get updates from them. This features makes it quite similar to Twitter!

The Point I am trying to make is “Facebook is a gift if you use it in the right way otherwise it will indeed be an enemy”. So let’s use it wisely.

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  1. nice points………….

  2. Facebook! The most amazing social media network I must say. It surely was twist in the social networking world! I am a regular user of facebook, hence I am surely aware of the above advantages. I totally agree its a boredom killer Praveen. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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