Facebook the world’s best social network disappoints me sometimes! There are few disadvantages in facebook that irritates people like me. Here are few disadvantages that made me to hate Facebook, SOMETIMS.

Disadvantages Of Facebook:

1. Sometimes Chats Are Annoying

Whenever you login to Facebook, you can see friends wanting to chat with you, and pop-ups appear all the time.

First of all, I would like to say that I’m sorry if I have made anyone angry but I am just trying to express my feelings about Facebook . But I have evidence. See this picture. This happened to me after logging in to Facebook.


First of all, I would like to say that Facebook – the famous social network is great but still it has some disadvantages. Well, the first big one is that whenever you login to Facebook, you can see your friends wanting to chat to you, and pop-ups appear all the time. Of course, it’s good to chat because it is a social network but, sometimes so many people want to chat and you get too many pop-ups. So imagine when you are playing a game like Need For Speed and then suddenly while you’re playing 10 pop-ups come out and you lose control and you lose the race 😀

2. Message Notification Bombards Me!

Another pain-in-the-neck is the messages you get from Facebook. At first you have maybe like 10 messages in your inbox but next day, boom. Well for me, I got bombarded with like 118 inbox messages and when I looked them up, every single one of them was about Facebook and they were all talking about threads that had nothing to do with me! You can go to the Facebook site and manage your mail but then if you did that, you’d miss out on most of the important stuff like if a new friend wants to be your friend, of if there a new games on Facebook, but if you don’t manage your mail, you get bombarded with threads that have got nothing to do with you!
3. Viruses, I know you hate them too.

Another thing disappointed me in Facebook are viruses. You should have an anti-virus software if you’re using Windows operating system because recently, Facebook has turned into Virusbook because there is a virus now which is called Koobface this virus shows your information to it’s creator or coder and this happens mostly while you are playing a game on Facebook. A strange message pops-up saying random stuff like ‘What do you eat?’ or ‘What do you play?’ If you reply to these questions, virus file is triggered.

4. Spams & Scams

The last thing that disappointed most of the Facebook user is the spams! The unwanted stuffs get posted in your profile, with your knowledge, which creates a bad image about you among your Facebook friends circle, you can’t go to each one of them and explain what has actually happened.

So, I warn you to be little more careful. Think. Is Facebook really that worth to your time? You could always do something else instead of Facebook. There’s Skype remember? In Skype, you can chat and you can even see each other and talk to them instead and make conference calls which are calls that include 2 or more people! So why spend time on Facebook when you can always do something else?

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