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Imagine life without the internet or the telephone. Imagine walking to the next town to deliver a message. Compared to days past, today’s far reaching and nearly instantaneous social networking technology is magic. With the new third party Facebook Chat Messenger integration, the new Facebook photo uploader and the new Facebook privacy settings, the magic keeps getting better.

Right: Chit Chat for Facebook makes it possible to use Facebook Chat from your desktop like you would another instant messenger network like Windows Live Messenger or Google Talk. The Facebook Instant Messenger supports conversation history, emoticons and sign in status alerts.


Download Here: http://files.chitchat.org.uk/CCFFacebookSetup-v1.42.exe

New Facebook Chat Messenger Integration

The Facebook Chat Messenger interface has been modified to stand out. It displays how many of your friends are online and lists some of their names. The text is small. The options are few. Facebook Chat Messenger requires an open browser window making it inconvenient when multitasking.

A stand alone application like Chit Chat for Facebook allows you to connect to the Facebook instant message network without dealing with the awkward facebook chat box within your browser. Chit Chat for Facebook can load and sign in automatically when Windows starts. It can log chats and alert you when friends sign in or out of Facebook. It even remembers its window size and hides away with a single click, simplifying multitasking. Chit Chat for Facebook will even let you leave a message on a friend’s wall. It is instantaneous message delivery, with no need to walk all the way to the next town.

Uploading photos to Facebook has never been easier or more convenient. The new uploading tool is easy to download and install. It may even look and feel familiar. It allows you to search your computer for the photos you want to share. You can select them by clicking on their thumbnail image and upload them to your profile. More file formats will be accepted to solve much complained about compatibility issues. The new uploader even allows the photo upload process to continue after you have left the Facebook website. This makes uploading last night’s party photos far less of a chore.

New Facebook Privacy Settings

Back before the internet and the telephone, life must have been very private. New technologies like Google Streetview and Facebook threaten traditional notions of privacy. Facebook used to allow any of the friends in your network indiscriminate access to everything in your profile. Facebook’s new privacy features are set up to be the best to date. To protect your privacy, Facebook now allows you to customize exactly who sees what. The new Facebook magic will ensure your boss, your spouse, and your parents see only what you want them to. You can specify who can have access to each individual piece of content. You can allow access to friends only, to friends and friends of friends only, to everyone, or to custom lists of friends. This will return a little more confidentiality to our modern privacy compromised, technological world.

Today it is nearly impossible to imagine life without the internet or the telephone. Tomorrow it may be impossible to imagine a Facebook without apps like Chit Chat, the new Facebook photo uploader, and the new Facebook privacy settings. Modern social networking breakthroughs are magic and the magic keeps getting better.

If you are receiving a “Login Failed” error message while trying to login through chit chat for facebook, then visit this link for geting the problem solved.

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  1. out of all ppl on fb, u chat with gb?? lol!

  2. Facebook Chat Messenger has made chatting easy to a certain extent. You don’t have to worry about keeping in touch with friends by just writing on their walls.

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