Record Your Screen Using Camtasia Studio

Many of you could have noticed that people do video tutorials and upload them to youtube, those videos are just the video recordings of their own computer screen. Actually they do not record their screen with any Cam, they do it with a software. There are many Screen recording software available in market now a days. But, I recommend Camtasia Studio 6. It’s awesome. It comes with studio(movie maker like feature), Menu Maker, Recorder and more.

You can download Camtasia Studio 6 Here

1) Download and Install Camtasia on your computer.

2) Go to Start –> Camtasia Studio 6 –> Camtasia Studio this will open the studio, where you can edit your video and produce it to any video format that you wish. You can also access the other programs from here.  I will not go in detail about this Studio because this article is about how to record. If possible I will make an article that helps you in working on studio, so that you can learn how to import videos in studio, how to edit it and produce it.

If you don’t want to open studio and start recording, you can open recorder directly by going to Start –> Camtasia Studio 6 –> Applications –> Recorder, here you can find the other applications like menu maker, player etc.

3) After opening recorder you can configure it. In most cases, it will detect all your speakers and mic automatically. If it has failed, then go to settings and do it by yourself. And then click on the record button to start recording your screen.

When you have finished recording, press F10 (default hotkey to stop) button to stop recording. Now you will be shown preview of the recording in Camtasia player, now if you are satisfied with the recording, you can save the file. That’s it.

If you want to edit your video click on Edit then the file will be opened in Camtasia Studio. Then you can edit the video until you are satisfied.

Useful Link: Online Screen Casting

If you need help, let me know through your comments. Hope this was helpful 🙂

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  1. This is something new and nice! I will definitely show some interest and download it but at a later date. Thanks for sharing the info about its features.

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