Restore Deleted Files Using Recuva

Some people don’t like to fill their recycle bin, so they have the habit of using Shift+del. Using shift+del will delete the file without taking it to recycle bin. i.e the file will be deleted permanently.

What will happen if someone deletes a file accidentally, which is an important file. They can’t recover it from recycle bin as they have used shift+del. So, here comes the role of Recuva. Recuva is a file recovery software created by the creator of CCleaner. Recuva can recover files that are deleted permanently. I guess I can’t use the word permanently, because Recuva can recover it 🙂

This handy utility can even restore data after an installation of your New Operating System or a format of your computer. For me, this is a must-have tool. I use this very often.

In this article I will show you how to use Recuva. To get started download and install Recuva. You can download Recuva here. I guess you won’t have any trouble in installing the application because it’s so simple. If you have some problems then let me know through your comments.

Once installed launch Recuva. This product uses a very easy wizard to help you recover the deleted files.

Click next

Select the type of file that you are trying to recover

Recuva allows you to search the deleted files. You can run searches on specific drives if you wish to do.  Select where you want the search the file.

Now you are at the end of the wizard, you are provided with the option to do a deep scan.  It’s not recommended on your first pass, but if you have trouble recovering a file you can try the deep scan to improve your results. If you want to enable deep scan put a tick and click start

Once you have clicked start, recuva starts to scan the drive for the deleted files and the progress of the scan is indicated by the process bar. When the scanning process is complete, you will be shown with the list of files that can be recovered. In my case I chose to recover image file, so the scan result was something like this

As you can see each file has a checkbox, if you want to recover a file, put a tick for the file and click recover, remember that you can recover multiple files at a time. When the file is recovered you will get a message or alert that’s says how many files has been recovered and what was the time duration to recover those number of files.

That’s it. Hope this post was helpful 🙂

5 thoughts on “Restore Deleted Files Using Recuva

  1. Wow,cool 🙂

  2. i have a sandisk 16 gb usb drive. but now it is showing only 100 mb of space. lots of files were there in the drive. but i cant see any of the files now. i tried to recover files using recuva, easy recovery and system mechanic recovery tools. but nothing could find. please help me to recover my files. thanks in advance.

    1. Which means the files can’t be restored. Anyway try all recover softwares like recuva, disk digger and Get Data – recovermyfiles etc

      1. thanks for the advise. let me try all these too..

  3. This is cool stuff. I will definitely make good use of Recuva once I download it on my PC. The snaps are also a guide and nice. Thanks for sharing.

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