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While taking part in various forums and blog I found a question “Which is better money maker program – Chitika or Adsense”. So, I this post I have decided to answer this question. Before comparing chitika and adsense lets talk about them individually without comparing with each other.

Chitika is one of the most famous pay-per-click advertisement networks on the internet. Chitika directly competes to Google’s AdSense program, allowing you to get relatively higher pay-per-click value than with AdSense advertisements.
It’s very popular because of that, but Chitika advertisements are different from Google Adsense advertisements in many ways

  • Pictures in Ads – They contain pictures in advertisements to target more specific products.
  • Control – Publishers have the option to select keyword-targeted advertisements.
  • Affiliate Program – Chitika allows publishers to make money online through own affiliate program.

These are the main features for the Chitika advertisements. They support more advertisement types and solutions, but they’re much less popular than these.

Google Adsense
Google AdSense is the most famous advertisement network on the internet. It’s the largest advertisement network for all publishers with thousands of advertisers which are going to pay you for ad clicks.

Anyway, Google AdSense have some good and different features than Chitika:
  • Image and Graphic Ads – Ability to show you image or graphic advertisements and banners.
  • Customization – Provides a lot more features to customize your advertisements than Chitika.
  • Ad Types – AdSense provide a lot of other features where you can improve your earnings.

Google AdSense is the most popular and the largest pay-per-click advertisement network on the internet. The real power of it lays just in that – a huge advertisers database.

Comparing Chitika and Google Adsense
A both services have some limitations to the international publishers. For example, Chitika doesn’t allow you to display some advanced ad types to the visitors which are not from the USA or Canada. But you’ll get a batter pay-per-click rating for the international users than with Google AdSense.


In the other hand, Google AdSense would provide you the most related advertisements, because of the huge advertisers database. Chitika doesn’t have (and any other ad network) that opportunity, to show you the most relevant advertisements on your sites.

  • Click Through Rating – I’ve experienced a better CTR with Google AdSense advertisements. But, I’m sure that Chitika advertisements can have a better CTR on the sites with different niches than mine.
  • Pay-Per-Click – I’ve used a Chitika advertisements on my site for a whole month. For every click I have get from my site, I’ve earned min. $0.11 per click. I believe this is a better than Google’s PPC.
  • Related Ads – This one goes to Google. AdSense can fit nicely into any website because of the huge advertisers database. They’ll show you the most related ads. Chitika don’t fit nicely on my site and displays only 2-3 different advertisers for most of my contents.
  • Ad Customizations – Chitika almost doesn’t have any advertisement look & feel customizations. In the other hand, Google allows you to completely customize how your advertisement would look on your site. Placing an advertisements on right places and with right design can drastically improve your CTR for sure.
  • Additional Ad Types – Google AdSense allows you a few good additional advertisement types. Chitika right now doesn’t support so much ad types but have a good affiliate network where you can earnign money by referring publishers and advertisers to this advertisement service.
  • Payment Options – Chitika supports payments through PayPal payment system and you have to earn min. $10.00 to be paid through it! A very good feature which AdSense unfortunately does not support. Anyway, both services allows you to be paid through the checks internationally.

To Conclude
These two ad networks are different in many ways. Through they are one of the most quality advertisement solutions on the internet at this moment. AdSense has more potential to get a batter CTR but with Chitika you can make more money per click on your advertisements. But fur sure, Google will get you the more related advertisers to your content.

I’d say that Chitika is specially good, and probably work better on the sites with more targeted niche. Like e-books, apple products, digital cameras. Simply because they provide an image within their advertisements, which can attract more visitors to click on them.

To be honest, there’s no real winner in this battle. The best way is to try out both services and see how they would work on your site. In some way, Google will be better and in the other Chitika.

25 thoughts on “Adsense Vs Chitika

  1. Thanks for the comparison, i personally prefer Google ad sense, because of its international presence, rather than chitika which is mainly only for US and Canada.

    1. Yes, but people who are not able to get adsense account can go for chitika until they get adsense, cuz it’s considered a good adsense alternative.

      Anyway, chitika is not better than adsense, infact none of the company is better than adsense !

      Thanks for your comment Paul 🙂

      1. however,our main visitor comes from US right? although there’s nothing better than adsense right now, I just do not want to put my eggs in one basket only.

  2. every body have a own reason…. i never cash out for chitika and adsense… so poor of me..

    1. it’s usually takes time, you have to work little more to bring in more traffic to your blog and then you should monetize your blog with adsense or chitika. Then your blog will start to make money.

      All you need is traffic !

  3. hey,, this is very true. I have also adsense and chitika and if you have Indian traffics then you will get very less out of chitika..

    1. It’s the same with adsense too… you will get less revenue for indian clicks…

      Thanks For Your comment 🙂

  4. Thanks for this article.I don’t have personal experience about Chitika but I am planning to use Chitika as they have approved my application today.But my prior experience dictates that Adsense is much better than its alternatives

  5. Thanks for sharing this well written comparison between the 2 companies. I really wasnt too knowledgeable about Chitika and have only used Adsense in the past. But I will certainly look into trying them out now thanks to this post.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. nice information
    i think better google adsense.

  7. Thanks for the comparison between the adsense and chitika, let me kno you that i got very less payments from Chitika than Adsense!!! Adsense is really great for earnings!!

  8. It’s nice combining the two. chitika’s got a nice format which shows different categories of products which makes your viewers to choose from.

  9. I have chitika account and adds on my site…but i have not earned any thing…poor me….may i know why i m not earning from my site….will somebody guide me..?

  10. Hi, This is a great comparison of the two. But I have seen some blogs that display both adsense and Chitika. Is it okay to display both? Thanks. I’m only using Adsense as my sole source of income in my blog, and I’m planning to increase my monetization methods.

    1. Hi Vic! Yes, you can use both Chitika and Adsense together. Maybe users find that they actually complement each other very well. 🙂

  11. The person that wrote this article must work for Chitica as there is no comparison let get one thing strait click are auctioned, now ask your self one thing will a auction with 1,000 bidders yield a higher bid or an auction with 1,000,000.

    The only thing better about Chitica is they don’t cancel your account for no good reason like AdSense NonSence but any one will that knows will tell you the real deal

  12. Thanks for the comparison. I have an Adsense account and so far is really good. CTR is high and payment is algo good if you have nice traffic.

    It is very customizable and friendly to install.

  13. Nice Post, Helpful for me to understand some issues.

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  14. Hi, I think Google Adsense is better but my website is rejected from adsense. I’ve applied several times for adsense, but all in vain. So now I am going to try Chitika. But i’ve almost 70% of indian traffic. So can you give me any idea ????

  15. I have read several pages that were talking about “Google AdSense vs. Chitika, and it appears to me that AdSense is by far the better choice. I have a few pages that I can’t place adverts on, for example, and was looking for an alternative that has a less strict TOS for those pages that haven’t been monetized. In fact, I got one blog with no ads due to the type of content it contains. Maybe AdBrite would be a good secondary PPC company, not sure. Either way, AdSense is the best for me at the moment. Cheers!

  16. Im looking for an adsense alternative if my adsense is disable all the way. Then your blog will start to make money. It is very customizable and friendly to install.

  17. I’m use Chitika adsense but it will not appear on my blog when visitors are not coming from the usa, ca and Europe although I have to use English in a blog post and only Premium members who can come up with Chitika for other geolocation.
    So I still prefer Google Adsense as the best adsense.

  18. sir i have a Q.
    sir plz tell me when yor adsense approved then how you get payment from them sir plz ans me .

  19. Thanks for sharing this very well written article analyzing the differences between Adsense and Chitika. It is very detailed and helpful. I prefer Adsense over all other sites.

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