Do You Have To Sell Your E-Books

People publish their E-books either by selling it or by giving it for free. So which way is best way to Sell or to Give Away for free? If you ask the same question back to me, then my answer will be “Give Away For Free”.


Giving it away for free has more advantages then selling it. If you sell an ebook you get some money sometimes you get traffic from your ebook, thats all.


If you give it away for free people will start to like you and your site because they are getting some good stuffs for free. Your E-book will be downloaded by many people, and by give it away for free, so you can get little popular as an author of the book and you can drive more traffic to your site through your books if you had your site’s link included in the book.

You can mail other bloggers about your book, so if they like your book they might suggest it to their readers and visitors through which you can increase your downloads and traffic still more. So your site will be getting more and more visible.

If you are really in need of money through your E-books. Then don’t sell it, instead allow your readers to buy a reseller license from you. So that they can sell your books to their readers. If they make a sale it’s again an advantage for you. I would say writing an E-book and publishing is one of the best way of marketing your site.

Give it away for free

You can also collect E-maill addresses with help of your E-books. Instead of allowing your readers to get your book just by clicking over the download button you can ask them to enter their email address to get the download link to the book. When they enter their email address they will be asked to verify their email address, if they do so, they will get an email(auto responder) which will contain the link to the your e-book.

Actually when a user enters his email address they become your subscriber so they can get updates from your site and they can get your newsletters. So this helps you to increase your subscribers too. If you going to publish your book in return for an email address then you can use the popular mailing list service “AWEBER“. Aweber has an Autoresponder service. If you want to learn more about Aweber you can read “Aweber – A Perfect Email Marketing Tool“.

Publishing a E-book is a best way of marketing your site because it helps you to get money, traffic, visibility and subscribers. What else do you want?

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have To Sell Your E-Books

  1. but 1 thing to keep in mind is, its not dat easy to write an EBook u must do a lot of studying which will take a lot of ur time, and many users start reading EBooks of ppl who are already an expert so u will have difficulty getting loyal reader base..
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  2. If the E-books are worth, and one knows how to market and promote them effectively, of course they should be sold! This article is great indeed, Praveen. Good luck for the future.

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