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Geeks4Share is a developing weblog. Here you can guest blog about Blogging Tips, SEO, Money Making, Technology and Tip N Tricks. Your post will have more chance of getting published or approved if it’s written on topics like SEO & Blogging Tips.

Some Rules:

  • You should post only original content, every posts you submit are checked for duplicate content.
  • The post that you submit should not be available anywhere on internet, even on your blog or website
  • Your post must be related to our niche, if you write a post that is completely off-topic then your guest post won’t be approved.
  • Your post should not have any affiliate links or masked links.
  • Your post must be considerable long. Very short articles won’t be published.
  • Your post should not hurt anyone’s company or property.
  • Your post can contain a maximum of 2 links to your site, (a Do-Follow link ofcourse).

How To Post A Guest Article

  • First, you have to register for a contributor account at Geeks4Share. To register click here.
  • After registering, login to your account, and make sure your complete your profile.
  • Now in Right-top corner you can see the “New Post” button click on it
  • Write an article and make sure you have filled the title field and tags field.
  • Then click on “Submit For Review” button found in the right side bar. That’s it, be patient. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are article adheres the rules mentioned above, then your article will be published within 15 hours – 1 week. You will get emails about the status of your posts.

Hope you will enjoy writing for us 🙂

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Geeks4Share Administrator wrote 365 articles on this blog.

Priyangshu Borgohain is the owner of Geeks4Share. He is a 17-year-old blogger and web entrepreneur from India who loves making money on the internet. You can join him on Google+.

13 thoughts on “Write For Us

  1. If we write guest articles, can we link back to our own blog/website?

    1. Sure you can.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Thanks for this awesome opportunity..:)

  3. I would like to write for you. I have just registered, but I didn’t get any email (which supposedly contains the password). Please check if the registration or the email sending is working fine.


  4. Interested to guest post. will there me an about author section?

  5. New here and just trying to learn how to get my own content out there on the net. I just recently started a blog that basically just follows me and my days of playing poker online. Why not go offshore, have discussed this with many people now.

  6. I will consider this opportunity.
    Is it possible to put some link inside the article? Is it dofollow?
    Thank you Praveen.

    1. Yea, you can add two do-follow links either within your articles or in your about box section.

  7. Hi, i am a professional writer, so give me a chance to write something for you. Looking forward to your response

  8. Glad to know you like Geeks4share 🙂 Registration is now opened, you can register for your account 🙂

    1. Praveen, Can you check out my Blog and tell me if you will be open to me guest Blogging?

      Gautham from Bangalore.

  9. Looking For Submission On geeks4share.com


    I have been following your blog for a while. I can say without hesitation that you have done some remarkable work and put a great and informative content on it. Moreover, I have noticed that you are accepting guest posts as well, so I thought of contributing my ideas to your blog. I have done a comprehensive research on the topics that are related to your blog and can offer you a piece of them.

    It will not only attract more visitors but also help them get the informative stuff on the subject. Please let me know if you can accept my blog post. I assure you that the content will be informative, relevant, unique, and will provide help to the blog visitors. Furthermore, being a professional writer, I know the ethics of guest posting, and assure you of following Google guidelines (particularly panda etc.) in that matter.

    I Hope for a positive and professional response from your side.

    Thanks & Regards

    Robert Showerman
    Marketing Manager

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