My previous post was about how to make money on youtube. There I have mentioned that it’s little tough to get subscribers or views for your videos.

So I thought that I can give some ideas to help you to get some subscribers  for youtube channel. That’s why I wrote this article. After doing my research to write this article, I was able to collect 8 tips to get youtube subscriber, which I have mentioned below.


1) Make Quality Content

In internet, where ever you go, you can notice that quality has domination. If you provide quality, useful, entertaining and unique videos on youtube, you can surely get a large number of subscribers.

2) Add Subscribe Button To Your Website

This is another useful ways if you are running website which gets atleast 100 unique visitors per day. There are youtube widget, which shows your total number of videos, and total number of subscriber, and also a subscribe button. You can download such youtube widgets and add them to your blog or your website, so some of your website visitors can subscribe to your youtube channel.

3) Customize your channel make it attractive

I don’t think all youtubers know that they can customize their youtube channel by adding themes or custom background images. I am here to say that you can download themes from some website and add them to your youtube channel to make it attractive.

Theme in sense it’s nothing much complicated with any kind of programming, it’s just an image that looks cool. You can download some youtube themes here

4) Invite Your Social Media Friends To subscribe

If you are using social media, then you can invite your friends to subscribe to your youtube channel. “My Contact” option in youtube will help you to do this easily.

If you are having lot of friends then you can get some good number of subscribers easily.

5) End your video asking viewers to subscribe

You could have already noticed that youtubers end their video by thanking their viewers and requesting them to subscribe to their youtube channel.

If your viewers feels that the video was interesting, and they more to get more, then when you request them to subscribe, they will do it. Anyway not all viewers are going to subscribe.

6) Consistent Video Uploads

Try to upload videos consistently. Your viewers must feel that they have to subscribe to you to get updates to make sure that are not missing any of your videos. To make them feel like that, you must have quality content!!

7) Make Video Response

When someone has a mistake in their video you can correct them by adding your video as a response to their video OR if you feel you can add some extra information to a video, then you can do a video and post it as a response. When you add up some more information to a video you will gain some attention some viewers of that video. Which will gain you more views, which can be converted in to subscribers.

8) Subscribe to other channel

Tit For Tat !

This works on youtube too. You can subscribe to other’s youtube channel. When you do so, there are chances for him/her to subscribe to your channel.

Anyway, I read some article that if you do this more often, more quickly then youtube will ban you. So be careful!

Useful Link: Make Money On Youtube

Hope it was helpful! 🙂

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