5 Reasons For Being Against Online Piracy

Online piracy hurts everyone; the manufacturer of the game, software, video, music or e-books, the dealers, the retailers and everyone involved in making and selling the product. Who benefits? People who are not willing to pay for honest effort, people who want things free of cost. Here are five reasons for taking up a stand against online piracy.

1. Online Piracy Affects Consumer Demand
The Digital Rights Management (DRM) body indicates that piracy affects consumer demand for online music and media content. When people are able to freely download their preferred media files through online piracy sites, why will they bother to buy anything at a retail outlet? Studies show that consumer demand has gone down drastically for music CDs, and DVDs of movies and games.


2. Online Piracy Infringes Copyright Laws
Just as free speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution, property rights and copyrights are also protected. The copyright law was created to provide an incentive to the act of creation. Online piracy takes a product, digitizes it and then allows people to freely download the content. This is in direct infringement of the creator’s copyright and is therefore against the law in any nation.

3. Online Piracy Causes Loss Of Revenue
The financial benefits of creating music, software, games, movies and other works is a copyright incentive. When online piracy sites illegitimately distribute copies of copyrighted material, they prevent the creator from benefiting from the sale of legitimate copies. This leads to an inordinate amount of loss of revenue to artists, software manufacturers, game manufacturers and people who produce media content. The people who have money to fund their future creations can carry on, but many creative people are forced to stop their creative process because of the financial loss caused by online piracy.

4.Online Piracy Generates Disparity Among Consumers
People who encourage online piracy by downloading content for free benefit financially, as they don’t have to pay for the content. They don’t bother to pay the prices and the taxes towards a legal purchase. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are people who know online piracy is tantamount to stealing, and they what they need in a legitimate manner. This causes a feeling of discontent and bitterness in the consumers that make legitimate purchases, as they know that many people manage to enjoy the same content for free.

5. Online Piracy Causes Malware To Propagate
When people download content from online piracy sites, they may not realize that are downloading more than just free content illegitimately. Some of the content is accompanied by malware, viruses, worms and Trojans that can bring the best computer to its knees.

One way to be against piracy is to use the freely available alternatives available. You can also try finding coupons for the products you wish to buy. There exist coupons for almost each and every product, so getting quick discounts isn’t very hard!

This is a guest post written by Saksham who blogs at youlovecoupons.com

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