Apple iPad2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Black berry Playbook

Tablets are getting much popular . Apple as soon as its release of ipad2 got a whole lot of competitors . Samsung Galaxy Tab gaining a huge lot of attention and Black berry Play book has created a market for its own . I would like to compare  these top  tablets of market . I would like to share this picture , which gives a comparative study of all three tablets .

The apple iPad 2 has a high quality screen which is perfect movies whilst on the go! You can stream movies online through a range of different services such as Now TV and LOVEFiLM. LOVEFiLM offer HD movies and tv shows which are suited for the iPad 2 high resolution screen

Thanks to praveen for creating this picture , and hope the article was useful 🙂 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Apple iPad2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Black berry Playbook

  1. Great Post ! First Infographic created by G4S I guess.. Great work praveen…
    BTW, is it PS ?

    1. Thanks mate. Yea, I created it with Photoshop 😉

  2. iPad 2 is just a gaming tablet, there are not much app for ultilities.

    1. It has got more apps than you can imagine.. Playbook barely have apps and there are only a couple of dozen apps that are built for honeycomb.. so apple is the best when it comes for apps.. 🙂

  3. Thnks for sharing your experiance , …

  4. I love iPad2 but I must choose Samsung Galaxy because I think it has more applications and a great features than the iipad2.

    1. yup ,.. i also prefer samsung galaxy tab ,..

  5. I prefer tablet product from samsung, becaouse it’s use Opensource Operating System (Android). Android has many application and support from developer is good enough.

    1. Ya ,.. and its fast growin ,..

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