Create Fake Tweets [TweetForger]

TweetFoger is used to create a crazy tweet , share it with your friends and make them fall in with surprise . Its a funny thing that makes it appear as if a Twitter user has tweeted something.Pick a user ,  type what  you want the forged tweet to say , create a forged tweet and prank your friends . It was created just as an April fools gag . Nothing from here goes to any of  the twitter account . Enjoy creating your own forge tweet , and all the best to prank your friends 🙂 🙂

This is how the TweetFoger Home screen looks :


A sample TweetFoger’s Tweet :

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6 thoughts on “Create Fake Tweets [TweetForger]

  1. If I was aware of this before this april 1st, I would have used this for pulling pranks over my friends 🙂

    1. lolz …
      no probs ,.. use it even now. …

  2. this is really crazy tool, thanks for sharing…

  3. Really this is cool idea

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