Google Gravity

Google always has many interesting things to do in it. Ricardo Cabello a designer/developer has created Google Gravity. This is a fun-filled thing, that makes the object in Google elements to fall down, due to force of gravity. You can enjoy throwing all links, text boxes, buttons, search results around the browser window. Do what ever you like with Google Gravity and enjoy your Googling experience . Try this and share your experience with us .

Google Gravity

To enjoy Google Gravity :

  • Click Google Gravity .
  • Or, Type Google Gravity in Google search engine and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Things You Can Do With Google Gravity :

  • When you move the cursor in the browser window, all the Google elements will fall down.
  • Click on all the elements that has fallen due to gravity force and throw them any where you wish.
  • You can turn every elements upside down, and enjoy bombarding them all around the website.
  • You can still press your search query in Google search text box and search for results . All the result you get comes and falls down on your browser window.
  • Double click on Google logo to get back the page that was before influenced by Google gravity.

Google Gravity Screen Casting:

Note : The Effect of Google Gravity works well only in Google Chrome , Safari and some other Browsers. You can’t get all features in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Hope the article was fun-filled 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Google Gravity

  1. nice ! and playful !

    1. Enjoy playing 🙂

  2. I knew this trick ages ago and wrote an article in my blog too!

  3. Really amazing! Mr.doob has done a nice job. I also blogged about Google Gravity few months back.

  4. google gravity is really amazing.Ricardo Cabell done a great job for us.

    1. Yea…Enjoy playing

  5. Google gravity is somewhat new to me . I might as well try it and see how fun it is.

  6. Lots of fun to play with 🙂

  7. Google Gravity is Really nice…
    Enjoy watching this video

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