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Google music is a streaming service . Users could access it from Web-connected devices .It is close to being ready but is being held up by a lack of content.People say the  delays are largely due to the fact that Google is negotiating for cloud music rights .There is a talk that it would be a great , apple itunes competitor .  Google is after cloud music rights and not just for songs acquired from Google Music. Google Music streaming function was accidentally found after installing Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, which includes a music app, on a rooted HTC EVO 4G. Rrecent buzz says Google employees are already testing the music service internally.  Android maker would be working on something big to fight the big player Apple.

Google can also combine a digital-music service with popular hardware (Android-powered phones).Google already has its own success in music , including Youtube services . Google hasn’t released any data syncing software for Android . Google has been in talks with music labels to offer unlimited music downloads . Talks with the top publishers and largest record labels are still ongoing . No clear info on its release dates . Waiting for Google’s new product .

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