Top 10 Facebook Applications

With 500 million users , Facebook has become the craze of all internet users . It has lot of applications , which makes Facebook more addictive and helps in eatrning too . On an average a Facebook user is active at atleast 3 applications . Based on monthly active user data , i would like to rate the Top 10 Facebook apps .

1.City Ville :

Create your own city , apponit your friends to manage the city , build your living spot and  do things a s you do in you real life  .Its as freakishly addictive game . Its undoubtedly the best facebook app .

100, 064, 578 Monthly Active Users

2.Phrases :

Get your daily saying from your favorite quotes applications.Interesting , then publish your own quotes . It makes us ac active user .

54,387,850 Monthly Active Users

3.Farm Ville :

Step out in your field , choose your crop , sow your seeds , cultivate them , sell and earn your profit .Choose right crops at right time , and some suprising features are also available . All your friends also are in the game as your neighbours , visit their land and enjoy farming .

53,939,978 Monthly Active Users

4. Texas HoldEm Poker :

Its a simple online poker game . Get FREE chips every day which makes you get in play . Your friends or strangers , all are there for you to play . Enjoy playing your online poker on your favourite social network .

35,420,851 Monthly Active Users

5.Mafia Wars Game :

Enter into the world’s most popular crime game . Build alliances, amass property, and fight mobs of enemies in games of power and deception. You can get connected with lot other Mafia users . Its makes you busy online .

22,342,907 Monthly Active Users

6.Fish Ville :

You the fash tank care taker . Buy your own tank and a whole lot of fishes , feed them ,  grow them , sell them , earn your profit to buy stillmore fishes .This online fishing spot gaining a whole lot of attention . You can make your friends as neighbours and enjoy competing them in gaining experiance and moving on levels .

20,352,885 Monthly Active Users


Causes are to transform the world . Organize into communities , throw your causes into the Facebook world to make them spread among 5oo million active users . Its focused on non profit organisations and specific issues .

20,131,865 Monthly Active Users

8.Café World :

You are the master chef . Make your own food empire and enjoy inviting friends . You have a whole lot of dishes to choose , gain points , move on to levels and compete with your friends . Be the best chef and enjoy cooking.

17,064,263 Monthly Active Users

9.Quiz Planet :

Create your own Quiz in a so simple way and make them as a facebook application . Give cool results for them . Make all your friends attend it , and  enjoy them publishing your results . Its a so simple and Facebook user created app .

14,924,579 Monthly Active Users

10.Are YOU Interested? :

Make new friends now , meet your matches, chat online, and find out who likes YOU . It received awesome traffic withiin few days of its release . Its a dating app . People are really crazy to know who are interested on them .

14,758,707 Monthly Active Users

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  3. At Present , Empires & Allies is the Toppest !

  4. I play farmville 🙂
    I really have no idea when will it end. Its like doing same thing again and again but still I am playing..

    how about this app? Do you think it will work??

  5. Nice one list for facebook Applications.

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