When promoting your website or blog in this internet world you can’t simply go to different places or websites everyday to promote your blog. You have to build a strong communication channel. So you must to not go to different places everyday until you finish creating one strong communication channel for your blog.

I have been promoting my website for the past 4 – 5 months and found great results for it. I had a boost in Alexa traffic rank, traffic to my blog etc.  I didn’t do anything special I think, I just choice 6 places to promote my blog and I was very consistent in promoting in those 6 places and the result was good. So in this post I will let you know what are those 6 places where I promoted my blog.


1. Discussion Boards

At first I was promoting my blog only at discussion boards, it was so good that it was sending atleast 20-30 unique visitors everyday. Then the number of unique visitors grew to 120-150 per day.

I choice two forums to promote my blog. The two forums are digitalpoint and sevenforums. They both are really two awesome forums which attracts lots of traffic everyday. It was digitalpoint which grew my blog well and quick. Try to post or answer others question in digitalpoint, when you have finished posting 10 posts you can setup your signature where you can add a link to your sute.

But remember the important thing is consistent participation.

2. Blogs With Comment Luv

Secondly, I started comment marketing (i.e promoting your blog by leaving comments on others blog). You can do comment marketing in all blogs. But choosing popular blogs ( and blog which uses comment luv) can give you better results.

Comment Marketing can help you build traffic to your blog and also backlinks to your blog. I am actually a serious comment marketing addict 🙂

Useful Link: Marketing Your Blog By Commenting

3. Guest Posting On Popular Blogs

I am not a big fan of writing guest posts, so I don’t write much of other blogs very often. I do it rarely but I choose a right blog to submit my guest post. So even it’s going to be just one guest post per month you can get more benefit from it.

Useful Link: Tips to get better results from guest blogging

4. Digg

I am not successful in Digg yet, but I hope I am getting decent traffic from digg. Digg is so useful and for some it’s completely useless. It all depends on how many followers you have and how many of your followers are interested in your blog niche.

When you submit a digg and when it is dugg by others it gets lot of views. For eg. A submission which is digged 5 times gets more than 200 views. Which is not a bad traffic.

Unique Articles gets more number of diggs.

5. Youtube

Having 50 videos in my youtube channel now I can say youtube is one of the best place to get solid traffic flow. If you manage to create a viral video on youtube, then youtube can drive unbelievable number of visitors to your website.

6. Linked In

I wasn’t aware of linkedin before till last month. I read someone’s article where the author has beautifully showed how he got traffic boost with Linked In. Linked In is not good until you mange to find a right group to join. If you have joined a right group in linked in then you can also get a boost in your traffic.

Which your favorite blog promotion place? Share it through your comments to add more information to this article. Hope it was helpful 🙂

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