Google chrome is the drastic growth showing browser in the market . Its usage us increasing over day by day , and it seems to be the speediest web browser . Plugins makes an important part in its growth . It has millions of plugins for speed , security , easy browsing experiance and fun . I would like to rate Top 10 plugins for Google chrome in this post . It saves us much time and makes us feel secure .

  • AdBlock


Its one of the most important plugin that takes you away from Ads . It has nearly 1.6 million user . It blocks ads and keeps the browser free from advertisements from all sites . You can specify the sites from which you need Ads . This is a very useful plugin , that helps you prevent your browser window getting filled with Ads .

Download it from here

  • Google Translate

Often we would reach some other language websites , and you would be searching for an interpreter to translate the contenet for you . Chrome makes this task easy , and gives you Google Translate plugin that helps you to translate the content in your preffered language . If it finds the language to be different then a banner is displayed at the top of page and once you click translate key in the banner, the page gets translated in the language of your Chrome interface.

Download it from here

  • Google Mail Checker


Its on of the rapidly getting installed plugin  . Gmail is the second largest elecrtronic mail pool . Using Google Mail Checker, you do not have to open a new window every time you want to check your mail. The plug-in also displays the number of unread messages in your mail inbox. There is also a button, by clicking which you can open your inbox.

Download it from here

  • Secbrowsing


This secbrowsing plugin will help you to keep all your plugins updated . It will check all the plugins in regular time intervals and will alert you if there is any old version running . If any suspicious program is running in your computer , it gives you an alert . It provides us secure browsing , and keeps us up to date . It prevents us from hackers .

Download it from here

  • Google Chrome Backup


Create Profile, Add Existing, Delete Profile, Backup, Restore, Create Shortcut, Show Details with this plugin . Its a small tool to create, backup, restore and manage Google Chrome profiles . The profile holds personal data like history, bookmarks, etc. Everything is done with one click.

Download it from here

  • Portable Chrome

Put Google Chrome on your thumb drive and take it with you wherever you go .  Unzip the download to your thumb drive and run ChromeLoader.exe. to access chrome in any computer . All your Chrome settings and profile information are saved to your thumb drive now . You need chrome in all your places , and its the most useful plugin for you .

Download it from here

  • Chrome Pass


It allows you to view the user names and passwords stored by Google Chrome Web browser . For every password you enter , the following information is displayed: Origin URL, Action URL, User Name Field, Password Field, User Name, Password, and Created Time. You can save and copy them any where .

Download it from here

  • Click&Clean


Finish off things safe and secure with your click and clean plugin . When you are done with all your browsing and transactions click on the Click&Clean icon present in the tool bar , this will clear all your cache, cookies, flash cookies, internet temparay files, download and browsing history . All your activities are vanished in seconds .

Download it from here

  • Cooliris


Its time to experiance your 3D browsing . This is a cool plugin that transforms images into 3D and that you get in your websites . Cooliris  integrates image searches and within few seconds, the images are transformed into 3D wall photos. Not need to click from page to page to view images.

Download it from here

  • DocsPDF/PowerPoint Viewer


Often you would be in a need to read pdf or powerpoint files . Its annoying to view your PDFor power point file afte saving it to your PC . Give your browser the power to open all PDF and power point files . It would be the most useful plugin for many formal net users and it saves much of your time .

Download it from here


There are many more plugins , try them and rate your best ,… :-) :-)

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