Top 10 Windows7 Gadgets


Windows 7 is the most prefered OS by all computer users . It comes up with lot of added additional features in it . One of the coolest feature is its Desktop Gadgets . These Gadgets reduce much of our time , makes the Desktop attractive and is of more use . There are lot of Gadgets among which i would like to rate the Top 10 gadgets in this post .

1. CPU Meter :

A gadget , which is used to monitor all your processor’s performance induvidually . The best fact is it can support upto 8 cores .  It helps you with all your network and processor memory usage .  You can change the background color to match your preferences. Its a simple and efficient Gadget .

2. Language Translator Gadget :


This is my most favourite Desktop Gadget . Language Translator gadgethelps us  to easily  translate between 54 different languages and is very easy to use . It saves us much time and its simple to use . Its appearance is simple and it has an option to copy the translated text . A must hav Desktop  Gadget

3. Ultimate Explorer :

Ultimate Explorer lets you search popular sites from your desktop without having to go to those sites first in your browser . It helps you to explore details from Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, Digg, and many more. Snap search flyout calendar and events are additional features .

4. Facebook and Twitter Explorer :


These Gadgets deal with the most popular Social Websites . Most of these website users get frequent updates , this gadget helps yourself getting to know all new updates . Its simple and quick . It act as simple desktop interfaces . This means that you don’t have to have a browser window open in order to keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter updates.

5. Remote Desktop Gadget :

Remote Desktop Gadget enables Windows users to remotely connect to other computers . It uses Remote Desktop Connection client on Windows to achieve remote desktop computing. Its a simple and a much useful software that helps you get connected with many computers .

6. App Launcher :

Many Window7 users missed the quick launch toolbar . Here is simple gadget which does its work and something more too . You can place it anywhere on desktop . You can add whatever programs you want by dragging them to the gadget, configure the number of icons to display per row and whether to center them, and change the background image.

7. Unit Convertor  :

Length, Area, Volume, Mass (Weight), Angle, Time, Speed, Velocity, Pressure,Energy, Work, amount of heat,Power or heat flow rate,Data Storage,Temperature , convert any unit . All you need is to drag the two bars displayed in the Gadget for your required conversion . Its aa easy convertor which is much useful , specifically when you are a business personality or and studious student .

8. Clipboard Manager :


Its a simple clip board manager but a must have gadget as it saves a lot of time and provides much additional feeatures than the default one present in your Nicrosoft OS . You can save up to 999 clips  and you can delete any clip or send it to the Clipboard or to your Favorites list with a right click . It has the ability to mark clips with timestamps . This one supports images as well as text. It even has a privacy mode, which prevents clips from being displayed on the main gadget so that passers-by who glance at your desktop can’t see what you’ve saved to the clipboard.

9. Magic Folder :

Are you a desktop messer , please use this Gadget . The Magic Folder is a gadget that helps you categorize and move files. When you drag a file to the gadget , it will look at the file extension and place Document files (like doc, xls, ppt, etc) in the Document folder. It places image files like (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc) into the Pictures folder. Though its appearance aint appealing , it keeps your desktop clean and aligned .

10. Piano :

Its the gadget which makes you get relaxed and enjoy some time . Its a simple Gadget with which you can play Piano virtually . You can enlarge it and play the music either with your mouse or with your keyboard for more comfort . It has default tones too . Its a simple and nice gadget that helps you enjoy your own music .


There are lot many Gadgets available , try them and share your experiance with us 🙂 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this useful article but I hate flooding my desktop with these gadgets. 😀

    1. But these are really so useful for me ,… it wont mess up , if u keep them aligned in your desktop side bar 🙂

      1. OH ok ok… 😀

  2. wow great collection, i downloaded all of them, personally i like Language translator and facebook and twitter explorer, thanks Praveen

  3. I think Remote Desktop is a great help for offices who have lots of branches. Because it provides a better program performance for branch office workers who need access to centralized data stores. The program will frequently perform better over a Remote Desktop Services connection than over a typical wide area network.

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