Windows 2013 – A Flabbergasting OS

After its successful version Of Windows 7, Microsoft has undertaken the development of  the best ever Operating System, namely the Windows 8 (also known as Win 2013). Windows 8 ‘ll unanimously become the choice of all  computer users, especially because of its paralyzing appearance.

Logon  Screen:

Similar to the yester-version of Windows, Win 8 has also modified its Logon screen.  An option called Touch qwerty is available in Win8, which is similar to a virtual keyboard. You are also given the choice of changing the appearance of logon box, using the Mode and Settings options.


One of the most stunning features of Win8 is its 3-D Desktop. An option in the Windows Dock enables you to convert the 2-D desktop to 3-D desktop and vice-versa. As the Desktop now gets a cubic shape, you can move and pin the explorer Window on any face of the cube.  In addition to this its Highly transparent Taskbar and Start Menu, make the desktop pleasanter than its preceding version.  Multi-desktop feature is an additional plus to this OS.  Rest of its features are similar to its former version.



Explorer Window:

The Explorer Window’s appearance resembles that of a perfect frosted Glass, with small, pretty navigation buttons. Similar to Win7, windows of similar nature ‘ll be grouped under a single tab in the taskbar and you can Shift between the very easily.

Additional Features:

It is expected that MS Office 2014 ‘ll be the office package of Win8.  IE 10 ‘ll be replacing its former version – IE 9. Windows 8  is considerably faster than its predecessor. It offers cool new games and tools.

System Requirements:

To have a fruitful experience with Windows 8, your system must have the following requirements. The following list is not officially declared by Microsoft. It is only a prediction by the tech brainiacs.

  • Motherboard – Asus P5GC-MX Intel 945 chipset
  • Processor – Intel Dual Core
  • RAM – 2 GB @ 1333 Mhz
  • Hard drive – 250 GB
  • Optical Drive – 20x DVD Writer

Release Date: This anticipated OS of Microsoft is expected to hit the markets by Jan 2013. Of course its Beta and other preliminary versions can be found in the markets at present. However, the completely designed version ‘ll be available only in the year 2013.

This version will even transform the Windows haters to Windows-phillic beings. Let the Anticipation Begin!!!!!

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  1. I think this one will be geared toward mobile devices primarily but I am still very keenly looking forward to it. Win7 has been great but not as revolutionary as I thought it’d be.


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