No matter how well you have written the post, if the title of the post isn’t that good then all your hard work is going to become a waste because post’s title the first thing every readers sees in your blog, digg, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. So it’s really important to take care of optimizing your blog post’s title to make it more attractive so it can bring a good traffic to your posts.

In this posts, I have listed 5 ideas/suggestions that will help you to turn your titles into an attractive titles.

1.Use numbers in your titles

Usually, List articles works like a hero! The same way titles that contain numbers in it can also do the magic for you. When you put a number in your title readers will know “what and how many” they will get from that particular post. For example, “10 ideas to make your posts title more attractive” so before you start to read this post you will know that you will get 10 ideas to make your post’s title more attractive.

Do you know adding numbers in your post’s title can build little uniqueness! For example “Ways to make money online” this is one of the famous topic in internet and many bloggers have already wrote an article on this topic. When you add number to your title like “10 ways to make money online” the number “10” stands out from the keyword bundle!

Want proof? Here you go.

using numbered lists boosts traffic to the post

2. Use words that can do the magic

Adding some catchy words to your title will pull readers to read your post these kind of titles can really grab the attention of your readers which will develop into an interest to read the post.

Some of the best catchy words that I recommend are: Best, Effective, Essential, Awesome, Cool, Top (some number), free, stunning, Secret.

3. Short And Sharp

Your post’s title must not be too long or too short. Having title less than 65 character is good for SEO. So you must try to keep your title little short but ensure that it is sharp in describing what the post is about. Having a such a title is easy to digest and good in SEO.

4. How To

Using “How to” will also help you to drive more traffic to the post because there are lots of people wandering around the internet for tutorials for something. Using How To is a proven method to make your title attractive.

5. Use Some Phrase That Can Attract!

There are some sentences or a phrase that can attract almost everyone who read your post’s title. Unable to think of such sentences? Brian Clark( as already made a list of such phrases. It’s a must read article for bloggers who wish to make their post’s title attractive.

Read “10 Sure Fire Headlines Formulas That Works”

Hope this post was helpful 🙂

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