5 Reasons Why A Mailing List Is A Must

Mailing list is an awesome stuff! Anyway still there are some people who doesn’t know the importance and the worth of a mailing list. That’s the reason why some blogs have very less number of subscribers or even no subscribers.

This mistake is usually done by newbie bloggers. So in this post, I will let you know the importance of building a mailing list for your blog, you will know why a mailing list is a must for all.

1. Increases the number of returning visitors

Publishing newsletters or announcements helps your subscribers to come back to your site again and again. This helps you to increase the number of returning visitors coming to your blog and also helps you to maintain a stable traffic coming to your blog everyday.


2. Helping hand during traffic downfall

The traffic coming to your blog will not be maintained in a steady rate. Sometimes more number of visitors will come to your blog, then next day or week or month the traffic can go down. So it’s good to build a mailing list during the times of high traffic and publish newsletters regularly especially at the times of traffic downfall, which will help the traffic downfall from not being too steep.

3. Making a sale becomes easy

Do you know some people write a review on a affiliate product and send it to their list. As most of the subscribers are the people who have more trust in you, the chance of making a sale is more.

Some bloggers never put an affiliate link in their blog, but they earn thousands of dollars ! How? Answer is the Mailing list.

4. Helps you to keep your readers updated

Almost all mailing list service allows to your send your feeds through email to your mailing list. This helps to you to keep your readers updated about the new posts in your blog.

5. Creating a buzz for your new products is made easy

If you have any new products to be announced. You can send a mail to your list which will create a traffic to your new product easily. Let’s say you have opened a new site and you want some traffic you can get it easily using your list if you have a big one!

Hope now you know the importance of building a mailing list. Now it’s time to create your own mailing list !

If you want to start building your mailing list for free you can use mailchimp which provides a free service till you reach 2000 subscribers. If you are ready to spend some money then you can go for the best mailing list services – Aweber or GetResponse.

Now will you help me to build my mailing list? Subscribe here if you wish. If you are subscribing then don’t forget to confirm your subscription 😉

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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why A Mailing List Is A Must

  1. Really good advice, Praveen. Thank you for sharing. I have to confess that at the moment I don’t do this – simply because when I started out with my Mummy blog I was forever publishing before realising I’d made errors. Therefore I didn’t want to keep republishing and end up spamming people every time I noticed a mistake.

    Of course if you’re just careful not to publish until you’ve properly proof-read then this wouldn’t be an issue!!!

    Incidentally I’m starting a new blog (initially on Blogger) called No Chick Flicks, which will review films and offer movie-related news. I will most certainly put into practise your excellent advice from the start with this blog.

  2. Thanks for your comment buddy 🙂

  3. I agree that mailing list is vitally important to any service industry. I’ll try for mailing list and see how it works.

  4. I’m using my mailing list to promote my new post or new product that I am marketing. The only problem with mailing lists is the response rate. If I sent out a hundred emails 2 or 3 will only reply.

  5. I’ve always heard that the money is in the list, but I just never really got it until recently. Building a list especially when we can’t depend on traffic sources like Google is so important. Thanks for a great article.

  6. Praveen,

    an email list is our lifeline as internet marketers I relate to reason one the best 1. increases the number of returning visitors.

    I personally feel that if we can build a relation with the person that enters our blog or website from the very second, we can get them to opt-in, and once we get them to opt-in our personal responsibility is to teach them our techniques, and help them build, learn from them and grow from them.

    After that process we keep our blog updated provide great content and they’ll be like mouse always coming back for more cheese LOL!!!.

    Great Article My Brother Praveen

    Sincerely Yours, Kenny Fabre


  7. I’ll try for mailing list and see how it works. I personally feel that if we can build a relation with the person that enters our blog or website from the very second, we can get them to opt-in, and once we get them to opt-in our personal responsibility is to teach them our techniques, and help them build, learn from them and grow from them.

  8. Building an email list should be the number mail purpose of a blogger who want to achieve a lot of greatness as a blogger. I enjoy your tips @Praveen.

    BTW, your RSS feed is not activated for email subscription. Kindly correct that for people to get on board.

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