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Most of the time , people annoy you with askin you questions merely irrelevent to you or things that you don’t have or wish to answer . One you ignore them or enter into the online search world to provide them with their answer . Some of the time , you wish to say them , can’t you  Just Google It or Let me Google it for you . Here is a thing , that makes you say people “Just Google It” or “Let me Google it for you” . Its a simple funny thing that makes you enjoy googling .

You can use these websites to do this trick :

1. Let me Google it for you

2. Just Google It

Things to do :

  • Enter into any one of the websites given above  or type ” Let me Google it for you ” in Google Search engine and press I’m Feelin Lucky button .
  • Type the question in the Google Box and Click “Google Search”.
  • Share the link you get  with the person who asked the question.
  • When they click to the link it will automatically type the question they asked and show the results .


Hope you enjoye the Trick , and share your views with us 🙂 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Just Google It

  1. WOW! What a great trick. See now I am gonna help people with this trick. I will become the most popular person in one day by helping everyone 😉

    1. lolz ,.. I use this just to say that , ur question is annoyin me ,..

  2. awesome tools 🙂 Let me Google it for you is a great service if you don’t want to write a whole novel with instructions for a simple question 🙂 thanks for sharing the other one.

    1. thanks for sharin your view mate ,..

  3. lol..that was funny… 🙂

    1. It doesn’t seem funny dude! It’s seems awesome!

  4. I have viewed your site.it is very useful for everyone i shall be grateful if you help me in the promotion of my site,It will be a great owner for me.

  5. hmm…… Quiet funny ! But the Same results appear

  6. Nice tricks. Hehehe.. Thought it’s something that would make me find something new. But thanks anyway. You make me smile.

  7. Really a very nice trick. I love Just GOOGLE it.

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