New List: List of 40 High PR DoFollow Comment luv Blogs

This post is no longer valid! Google has updated the PR and some sites listed below has become nofollow and some of them removed comment luv plugin too. New Version of this post is published. Check it out hereList of 40 High PR DoFollow Comment luv Blogs“.

I know every one likes to build backlinks for their sites. The most commonly used method to build backlinks is commenting on other blogs and forums.

Leaving comments on blogs that use comment luv helps you to get backlinks easily, so blogger usually search for blogs that use comment luv to leave comments. Here is a list of 60 do follow high pr blogs that also use comment luv, now you can stop searching for comment luv blogs.

Use this list wisely, don’t spam the blogs listed below. Make sure all your comments are legit. This list consists of blogs that belong to the same niche – Web master related.


Page Rank 6: Blogging

Page Rank 5: Blogging, Website Creation Graphic And Web Design

Page Rank 4: Blogging, Money Making Social Media Marketing Blogging, WordPress Blogging, Tech SEO, Internet Marketing WordPress, Technology, Blogging Blogging Tips, Social Media, Blog Marketing Bl0gging, Money Making Online Affiliate Marketing Website Creation, Maintenance Website Creation, Money Making Online Make Money Online Social Media, Blogging Blogging Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting Blog Marketing Writing Tips SEO Blogging and Social Media Blogging, Social Media Blogging Tips and Tricks Technology, Windows, Blogging, Software

Graphic Design, Blogging Thesis Tutorials, Blogging

Page Rank 3: blogging, money making, technology (MINE :D) Blogging, Monetizing, SEO, Technology Money Making Online, Blogging, Tips & Tricks Blogging, SEO, MMO Technology, SEO, Internet Marketing Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing, SEO Blogging, Small Business Tips Online Business, Blogging Make Money Online Blogging Tips, SEO Blogging Tips Money Making Online, Blogging Tips Blogging Tips, Social Media Tips Blogging, Video Blogging Blogging Webmasters Blogging Tips & Tricks Blogging Tips Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Blogging Social Media, Blogging Blogging, Affiliate Marketing Money Making Online, Blogging

Blogging, WordPress and SEO Technology, Blogging, Social Media SEO, WordPress, Webmaster Tips Blogging Tips Make Money Online Blogging, Online Business Blogging, Inspiration, Lifestyle Make Money Online Blogging Tips, Social Media Making Money Online, Blog Traffic Internet, Blogging SEO, Web Design

Upcoming Blogs:Β security, webΒ development, Blogging Tips

Hope it was helpful 🙂

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