List Of 60 High PR Do-Follow Blogs That Use CommentLuv


New List: List of 40 High PR DoFollow Comment luv Blogs

This post is no longer valid! Google has updated the PR and some sites listed below has become nofollow and some of them removed comment luv plugin too. New Version of this post is published. Check it out hereList of 40 High PR DoFollow Comment luv Blogs“.

I know every one likes to build backlinks for their sites. The most commonly used method to build backlinks is commenting on other blogs and forums.

Leaving comments on blogs that use comment luv helps you to get backlinks easily, so blogger usually search for blogs that use comment luv to leave comments. Here is a list of 60 do follow high pr blogs that also use comment luv, now you can stop searching for comment luv blogs.

Use this list wisely, don’t spam the blogs listed below. Make sure all your comments are legit. This list consists of blogs that belong to the same niche – Web master related.


Page Rank 6: Blogging

Page Rank 5: Blogging, Website Creation Graphic And Web Design

Page Rank 4: Blogging, Money Making Social Media Marketing Blogging, WordPress Blogging, Tech SEO, Internet Marketing WordPress, Technology, Blogging Blogging Tips, Social Media, Blog Marketing Bl0gging, Money Making Online Affiliate Marketing Website Creation, Maintenance Website Creation, Money Making Online Make Money Online Social Media, Blogging Blogging Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting Blog Marketing Writing Tips SEO Blogging and Social Media Blogging, Social Media Blogging Tips and Tricks Technology, Windows, Blogging, Software

Graphic Design, Blogging Thesis Tutorials, Blogging

Page Rank 3: blogging, money making, technology (MINE :D) Blogging, Monetizing, SEO, Technology Money Making Online, Blogging, Tips & Tricks Blogging, SEO, MMO Technology, SEO, Internet Marketing Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing, SEO Blogging, Small Business Tips Online Business, Blogging Make Money Online Blogging Tips, SEO Blogging Tips Money Making Online, Blogging Tips Blogging Tips, Social Media Tips Blogging, Video Blogging Blogging Webmasters Blogging Tips & Tricks Blogging Tips Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Blogging Social Media, Blogging Blogging, Affiliate Marketing Money Making Online, Blogging

Blogging, WordPress and SEO Technology, Blogging, Social Media SEO, WordPress, Webmaster Tips Blogging Tips Make Money Online Blogging, Online Business Blogging, Inspiration, Lifestyle Make Money Online Blogging Tips, Social Media Making Money Online, Blog Traffic Internet, Blogging SEO, Web Design

Upcoming Blogs: security, web development, Blogging Tips

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  1. I am gonna leave many comments in these sites to get more backlinks! 😀

    1. Before you start dropping comments in those blogs, make sure you read this

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      1. Thanks for notifying me… 😀

      2. The only problem I face in the above mentioned sites is that, most of the posts in those blogs have comments closed. So it’s really hard to search for posts were I can comment to get backlinks!

        1. Hi Arun,
          my website is the last one in the list. The comments are not closed. Commenting is always welcome as long as it is on the topic and improves the debate.

          1. Cool! Maybe I will comment now! 😀

      3. Thanks praveen for the big list of commen luv enabled sites. and we need to tweak the feedburner before commenting in the blogs. since without tweaks, the feedburner steals your search engine juice 🙁

      4. Thanks for posting that. Tricky google. Probably would have never figured it out if I didn’t read the comments on this page.

      5. Hey that problem is silmiler to mine.I was facing it a month back.. Thanx for the solution. 🙂

    2. These are great websites to get some comment love, thanks for sharing.

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    5. I’ll do the same too. haha, this is great. Thanks to the author who post this. It really takes me time searching for sites where I can post backlinks as part of SEO,

  2. @ Praveen – Please recommend me some Finance Blogs with do-follow option. Or advise me how can I myself search for the same.
    Thanks in Advance

      1. Thankyou Praveen and Ifham for your kind help 🙂

      2. Hi Praveen was searching for finance do follow blog on google and came on to your site but didn’t see it , hopefully found this comment , Thanks Karan and Praveen!! 🙂

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  8. Praveen:Thanks for sharing this list thats a real thing that I am searching.Do you have comment Luv enable auto approved blogs?

    1. Nope!
      Thanks for your comment Mahesh 🙂

      1. Praveen comment’s are your blog right and as a sensible visitor.Our duty is to inform and take part in conversation.

  9. Praveen – nice list. Commentluv is great as it increases interaction in blogs. Great share. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for notifying the mistake. I have updated the post.

  10. Thank you Praveen
    That is an awesome list. Some of the blogs I already know, but there are also a lot I did not knew about.
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  13. thanks for the list. really useful for newbie like me. I will start to become their regular reader and commenter.

    1. Yea, you really have to be a regular readers and commenter in other blogs because reading helps you to gain more knowledge commenting helps you to build backlinks to your blog.

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  14. Praveen Please share some High Page rank do-follow article list in your blog.
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    1. Sure! I will write an article on that topic. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  17. Hi Praveen, now that you’ve tackled CommentLuv, you might also be interested in publishing a list of KeywordLuv blogs. Great for backlinks too.

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  18. Yea, it’s good not to spam! Thanks for your comment, and good luck for your blog 🙂

  19. Some sites usefull for me i think because i have tech blog ..

    1. Yes, this list will also be helpful for tech blogs, you can get some backlinks from niche sites 🙂

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  21. As we know do follow blogs are very helpful to get rank high in SEs.So most of link builders or webmasters do great research to find them.Really done a good move.I believe lot of webmasters ll get some benefit from here.I request to all link builders, please don’t try to do spam on these blogs.

    1. Well said buddy! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  22. Thanks it would be helpful but how can I add comment love to my comments.
    I need help.

    This is the way I use to get back links that I use my backlink at the end as a signature.
    Jennah Smith
    PMS Relief

    1. You have to go to one of the comment luv enabled blogs and check comment luv checkbox in the comment box, remember you need a blog for it 🙂

  23. I bet your blog is gonna reach this list very soon!

    PS : Hey I have got a problem with your commentluv plugin. I am not able to select any other post in this commentluv plugin. I can see only one post and the rest is hidden by the captcha box.

    1. Did you click the drop down arrow near the first link shown by comment luv?

      If yes, do you mean the catpcha box is placed over the other links?

      1. I clicked the arrow mark shown nearby. Exactly what you mean…The captcha box is placed over the other links.

        1. I checked it. There were no problem in my comment box! There is some problem in your blog I guess.

          When you enter your blog’s url in the URL field this problem comes, not for any other URL !

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  29. This is an absolute golden nugget! im pretty new to this and have a pretty low traffic website at the moment, i’ve been scouring the web all day today trying to find some decent blogs to comment on. Thanks a heap!

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  30. May be those bloggers made a change to their blog.

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  34. Very very helpful list not to mention there are some GREAT blogs on this list.

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  35. Hmm… I guess the software that you are using isn’t working properly!
    All links in comment luv are do-follow links….

    1. Yes, the Comment Luv links are do follow, but not the website itself.
      Thanks for your list!

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  37. Nice list, some of the sites have sunk in ranking since the list was made and some of the sites have changed to no longer support commentluv or no longer provide dofollow commentluv.

    1. Yea! i am working on it to keep the list updated! soon i will update it 😉

  38. haha! Great, comment luv can really bring lots of comments to your blog.

    I experienced a great difference after installing comment luv in my blog, wish u to experience the cool difference 🙂

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  42. @Parveen: Do you have any recommendation for Do follow Travel blogs also?…. I am searching for these like anything. Any help from your side will be highly appreciated.

    1. hmm…. Sorry, I haven’t come across any travel blogs before. I will let you know if I get to know about one such blog.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  45. Thank you Praveen for including my blog on your list. I truly appreciate it.

    What I like about CommentLuv is how we as bloggers can help other bloggers not only get their name and current post “out there”, but they get a back link, as well.

    Thank you also for the reminder not to spam blogs which provided these backlinks, 🙂

    1. Good to see you here Barbara…. your blog deserve to be listed here.

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  46. […] Praveen of Geeks4Share wrote a post titled, “List of 60 High PR [page rank] Do Follow Blogs That Use CommentLuv […]

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    Electronics & Computers

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  66. I REALLY appreciate this post! I am new to CommentLuv and I am not at all good with knowing how to increase PageRank or anything about blogging really. I am so glad that I found your site – I can’t wait to read more from you. I am headed over to your article about places to promote your blog. Thanks again!!

    1. That’s really great to hear from you. Hope I can help you through my blog… Thanks for your comment 🙂

  67. nice list..reflects your hardwork..And here`s mine(done commenting on the half of websites mentioned in this list).:)

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      1. Yeap, hoping for the best 🙂

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  73. Hi All
    I’ve seen the list but I’m sadden because there’s a lot of site here that don’t even have “commentluv” on it. I need more commentluv blog site is there more of these? Please post more please…

    1. You mean some sites are using other commenting systems like Disqus or something else without comluv?

  74. That is one big list!
    Thanks for posting it and also thank you for reminding us not to spam. Spamming doesn’t work for anybody. Take a few minutes to read the post and leave a relevant comment that ads value to the post. This way, both you and the blog owner benefit. Its a win win situation.

  75. Thanks for sharing the list. I believe it will be useful.

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    Come by and visit mine too sometime peeps 🙂

  78. I’ve noticed lots of activity on google’s PR updates on my site too!
    Well spotted

  79. Finally a list of sites I can comment on. This saves a lot of time and work. I have looked into each one and I am glad most are updated. Thank you for the list, I need them.

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    First of all I would like to say thank you for providing this useful High PR Do follow Blogs’ List. I really be thankful for your efforts to collect such a big Do follow Blog list and sharing with us. It absolutely will help us going through various High PR Do follow Blogs and make us use of this list properly.

    Thanks again

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  87. Nice list, the only the I’d critique is that I know Lisa’s is nofollow with the comment luv. Otherwise it’d be great since it’s PR5

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    Author of The Happy Child Guide Review

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    I ll request to all commentator,please don’t try to do spam on all blogs which is shared in this blog post.

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    Thanks for the list of do follow blogs!!!

  123. It seems that just in the last couple months a lot of these have changed to no follow. I am not sure if that is because of increase in spammy comments or they have been no follow for awhile. I am pretty sure some of those PR 5 sites have been nofollow for quite some time. I guess these lists can get outdated pretty quickly with all the Google changes. thanks for a great starting point!

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    And of course thx for the list, I also have on w3blog you might find some new good sites/blogs 😉

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