Top 4 Places To Sell Or Buy A Blog/Website

I don’t have any interest in selling a blog or buying a blog because after maintaining a blog or few months or years you won’t get a mindset to sell it. Anyways, if you want to sell/buy a blog, then this post is for you. In this post I have listed top 5 marketplaces to buy/sell a website.

  1. Flippa
  4. WebSite



Flippa is the biggest marketplace for buying and selling a website/blog. It also has a record of selling over $25 millions sites. In my opinion, this one is the best!


This is the best and most active forum in internet. This forums was not started as a marketplace, anyway a single board or category made this one of the best marketplace. In Alexa it ranks in top 100.


WebsiteBroker is one of the oldest marketplace for buying and selling websites. It offers website valuation tools, advanced search based on price, category, success and a website watchlist. Web sites can be listed for 90-days for $9.95, or $29.95 for a premium listing that gains you extra exposure. Domain names have similar auctions priced at $9.95 for standard listing and $14.95 for premium. There is no commissions charged on completed listings.


BuySellWebsite specializes in established and start-up web sites. Established web sites cost $59 for a 2-week listing, or $99 for a month long listing that includes being featured on the front page.

If you have something to add to this list, share it through your comment. Hope it was helpful 🙂


You may also check this one –, shared by one of our commentator below!

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25 thoughts on “Top 4 Places To Sell Or Buy A Blog/Website

  1. Thanks for your comment Ifham 🙂

  2. This article is useful but who would like to buy or sell a blog or website? In my case I wouldn’t even think about selling my blog!!!!

    1. There are people who builds a website and sell it for a higher price. They do this as a business !

      And some people sell their site when they have no time to maintain it.

      1. OH ok ok…But as I said earlier this business sucks!

  3. It’s a good entrepreneurial activity for those looking for a stream of income to establish a blog and sell it I guess – especially if you are very knowledgeable and quick with all the tools in order to get blogs up and running quickly.

    Must admit, I’m starting a new film review blog called ‘No Chick Flicks’ and I’m daunted at how much effort it will take to establish it properly. Especially as I’m already reasonably established with my other blog on parenting and activism for premature babies.

    Still, a labour of love it will be – and I won’t be selling it either 😀

    1. I won’t sell my blog either 😉

  4. You could also add to your list Praveen 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing it Eddie, I updated the post 🙂

  5. Exactly ! Thanks for your comment buddy 🙂

  6. Nice list @Praveen.
    Thanks for sharing this awesome information.

    1. Thanks for your comment buddy 🙂 glad to know it was helpful!

  7. this is very unique and useful info. about the website flipping. will you please tell me the genuine price of sites related

    to “buy and sell websites ” having pr3+ .

  8. will try this to know how my website is worth for

    1. Thanks for your comment Himanshu 🙂

  9. Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing this article!

    1. Thanks for your comment suraj 🙂

  10. Flippa is the best site to buy and sell sites/blogs. I had a site sold on Flippa for more than $100k in a short period of time. So, Flippa definitely is one of my favorite site as it got me a fat check!

    1. Yea its really good! That’s why I put it as #1 in the list 🙂

  11. no idea to buy or sell a website!
    but anyway,good info!
    necessary for those who wish to

  12. Thanks for the post. In my experience, (limited but I have bought 20 web sites), Flippa is far far far and away the best site to buy web sites from. I wish there were other good options but the others are very limited value I find. I keep trying, occasionally, as things can change but noone else seems to be doing well at competing.

  13. Its a nice post for those who are looking to sell there Blog or Website.

  14. Yes these are top sites here you can buy or sell your websites in affordable and effective cost, thanks, Praveen for the post!!!

  15. Choosing the perfect or best website broker, who could manage the maximum profit for your site is not an easy task, and i hope that this post will certainly help a lot to those who are planning to sell their site….

  16. They do this as a business ! to “buy and sell websites ” having pr3+ .

  17. Good list. I like it. I used flippa to sell one of my site. It’s too good. Thanks for sharing such an info

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