List Of 37 High PR Do-Follow Article Directories

Article marketing can be a great method of Do-Follow link building within very relevant content as the content of the article is specific to your website, it will bring more traffic as those who find your article are already interested in your niche and unlike regular directories or blog commenting, deep-linking is generally allowable when it is relevant to your article content.

To build more do-follow backlinks by article marketing you will need this list of article directories!

Page Rank 6:

Page Rank 5:

Page Rank 4:

Page Rank 3:

Page Rank 2:

Hope it was helpful 🙂

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  1. That’s really a great share my friend. Will help my blog a lot. Keep up the good spirit.

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      1. I have been looking for such a list for quite a long time! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for all those sites, I’m going to start publishing articles on all of them!

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  5. Thats great collection Paraveen .But i thing you miss most popular PR 6 article directory http://ezinearticles(.)com/.But thanks for sharing this 37 links are helpful for Link back point of view.

    1. Nope! It’s there under PR 6 🙂

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. This is great list ,Thanks

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  7. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us Praveen. I will register in some of these directories and then i coming back here to share with you my experience

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  8. Thanks for the list. I was already using some of them, but there were a lot I had no idea existed.

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  9. great list i have already use many of them.but its nice to see your effort.

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  10. These high PR article directories helpful to build quality back links, all we need is to write and submit high quality articles for the best result.

    Thanks to the wonderful post 🙂

    1. Exactly! Writing quality article will attract other web masters and will surely give a good result !!

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  11. A huge list of dofollow article directories … Thanks for the share buddy 🙂

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  12. Great share Praveen, article directories will help us to gain good back links as well as some traffic. I am mainly using it to promote some niche sites and found very effective.

    1. Yea, infact my first traffic spike was from of an article directory!

  13. Great list – thanks! I’m just learning about dofollow today, but this is the best list I’ve seen so far.

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  15. Great post. Thank you so much for this list. I as well just started learning the differences between dofollow and nofollow. I am learning a lot from your site, so again thank you!

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  16. Fresh up to date listing unlike most of the lists out there.. Thanks for sharing..

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      1. Thanks but i need the article site list..

  17. I will take my time to submit my blogs to these directories. Great man !

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  18. nice information u have share with us this list really works.

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  19. Nice List of article directory. I would like to suggest free traffic system which really works.

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  21. Wow, I absolutely love this list since they are do-follow and have good PageRanks! Thank you for the great sharing!

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  22. Thank you for the post. I recently started my own IT consulting company and I need to get my site at the top in Google. This is going to help me alot

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  27. nice very nice tps. we use this regularly.

  28. Thanks for sharing the directories sites,this is the best method to increase page traffic.I definitely use this list.

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  31. Thanks for updating it. I reached your blog from 60 high PR through Google and now this update. Surely its a great help, along with your tips

  32. 37 article directories! This will take me a couple of months to go through them one by one! Awesome, thank you so much.

  33. Thanks for sharing the directories sites,this is the best method to increase page traffic.I definitely use this list

  34. Its really great share without any doubt 🙂

  35. Great Share..
    I just known a little from your list. 😀

  36. Thanks for the list. I was looking for some new article directories to submit to and I found some good ones. Great list.

  37. Aw wow! Thanks for this! 🙂

  38. Hi Praveen, Thanks for sharing this. Good list of Do follow articles.

  39. Sell your mobile phone and choose to receive the cash direct to your bank or PayPal account

  40. Hello Lin, whether the current google algorithm using panda, article directories are still important to make good position in search engine

  41. Whoow !!.. its realy usefull praveen.. Can improve my post in serp.. Anyway bookmark this list on my browser.. Tqvm

    nice to know praveen ~


  42. Great post Praveen

    What we need to remember is that useful information goes a long way. Especially EZA is strict on not just the content of your article but what your blog or website looks like as well.

    Ensure that your article is related to your website, so the reader gets what he or she is looking for.

    I hope this was of some additional help.


  43. Hi Praveen, Thanks to you for providing this useful high pr do follow article directory list. I really appreciate your efforts to compile such a big do follow blog list and sharing with us. It definitely will help us going through various high pr do follow articles and make us use of this list properly.

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  44. Thanks a lot for the list.. really appreciate gifts like these that come in so useful.


  45. Thanks Praveen,
    Im been looking this things since i was new in this related area..
    and what more important is, all of this are do follow .. thanks for this great share..

  46. hi Praveen,
    Thanks for the share. Though I already knew a bunch of them, it always pays to learn more. I have started out as an affiliate marketer, and struggling to make money right now. I am looking to increase my PR and make my site rank better for many keywords. It will be extremely helpful if you can be my guru.

    Thanks and Regards,

  47. I really appreciate that. Thanks for your comment.. I have started out as an affiliate marketer, and struggling to make money right now. thanks for sharing.

  48. ArticleSnatch is NoFollow article Directory, you have to check it out with nofollow checker on google chrome or NoDoFollow for firefox

  49. Dear Mr. Praveen ,
    Thank so much for great list. it’s very good for new webmaster as I am.
    once again thank you. best wishes

  50. Thank you for the list. Exactly what I was searching for. By the way, did you notice that is now a paid directory? You have to pay $47 lifetime to submit your articles there now. Things change so fast online.


  51. Thanks for providing such information. Among those list I only know ezinearticles but know I have a lot of option because of this.

  52. Great List of Directories!

  53. But I think that some of these Directories do not accept Blogger Blogs, or sub domains to be listed. Not Sure though.

  54. Great directories list, PR6 directories and free is the first choice, all PR2
    directories in your list moved up to PR3.

  55. Thanks praveen you have created awesome list 🙂

  56. I need the list. But is the highest pr you can find is 6? Are there any other with even higher PRs? Thanks.

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