Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Exist


Does unlimited space web hosting really exist ?

It is indeed sad to know that the web hosting companies which claim to provide unlimited web hosting space isn’t really true. Infact, this is more of a sales tactic or a promotional jig to convince users to buy hosting from them. Even the best web hosting companies are not hesitant of using this cheap tactic.

Ok, lets not talk about an experienced webmaster here as he would have already come to know the truth by now. But what about newbie bloggers or webmasters ? Obviously, when a user comes across the word unlimited, he thinks that he won’t face problems In future as far as space is concerned and he won’t have to worry about traffic and bandwidth issues. But when a user carefully analyses the hidden terms and conditions, they come to know that the so called unlimited space is hardly 20 GB or so.


Although majority of the webmasters only use a limited amount of space and bandwidth so they aren’t faced with these type of problems. The problem arises when a webmaster experiences heavy traffic spike or he is a greater amount of resources. This is where web hosting company spoils the party and a webmaster is encountered with the bitter truth.

Although we can’t call this as cheating, its more of a marketing tactic. By no means they are robbing you. Most companies do try their best when a user faces such problems and suggest ways to overcome this problem by making some fixes. So a good and timely support may compensate for this problem.

So what you are advised is to read the Terms and Conditions before buying any web hosting. If your site experiences a high traffic all the time, then the best bet will be to opt for VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting as they have the ability to withstand huge amount of traffic.

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26 thoughts on “Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Exist

  1. yeah,they set a condition to use only a % of the shared resources…

    1. Yep and that’s why it’s better to choose VPS or dedicated hosting 🙂

  2. Its actually surprising to me that these web hosting companies are even allowed to use these words, even though we all know that its not really unlimited. I guess they can get away with it, since they ‘attempt’ to provide the unlimited service but in reality they just eliminate those who use too much of their resources…. In my opinion we shouldn’t have to read the fine print…


    1. Yea, one of my friend too got eliminated from one of the fake unlimited hosting company.

      They just said, we can’t handle your traffic anymore and, they asked him to change his hosting to some other hosting company.

      1. Yes exactly. There have been many similar instances. The only thing I can see stopping it is if government steps in to mandate rules against false advertising of that sort.


  3. I’ve never had this problem but it is one to be concerned about potentially for the future. I plan on creating more and bigger sites, and want to have as much traffic as possible naturally. I hope I never run into this problem and that if I do the webhosting company is helpful in resolving it.

    1. Instead of trusting your web hosting company you can buy a dedicated server because, web hosting company support may take some time to resolve the issue, which will result in a downtime !

  4. The disadvantage of web hosting may result to limited webpage space and some of the visitors feel lack on the credibility and even search engine may even ignore the website.

    1. Yea! Me too have heard people saying SERP also depends on webhost we use.

  5. Thanks for your comment Anand Singh 🙂

  6. ah… this is the first time when I heard that unlimited mean 20GB… seriously I was not aware of it.

    1. I’m glad you learned from this post 🙂

  7. Wonderful post!. Well nothing is unlimited. After a certain limit (a decided and hidden limit) the host will block your account..

    1. I don’t think they will block(cancelling access to your account), instead downtime will increase, or the support team will ask you to upgrade your hosting plan or shift to your some other company.

      1. Downtime, plus they may even stop your account due to high BW usage. Most of the hosts offer limited bandwidth. They may warn for the first time and later cancel your account.

  8. They are able to offer so called “unlimited” packages as HDD space and bandwidth are rarely the bottleneck. It’s pretty much impossible to use a significant amount of either without hitting another restriction put in place.

    Most hosting companies oversell, some just do it better than others. So I wouldn’t be put off by “unlimited” deals, but I’d think seriously about what you need the hosting for and the amount of traffic you expect to receive. If you have lots of high traffic (concurrent visitor) websites, don’t try and squeeze them all on a shared package.

  9. In all i still prefer Unlimited hosting plan , As they will not suspend your site due to resource issue,As in Case of Limited bandwidth account u will face such issue regularly.

    1. It’s not wrong to choose an Unlimited hosting plan. You won’t have any problem until the resource is emptied!

      1. No worries, if that really happened, we can upgrade to a VPS. Hehe…

  10. The short answer is no, there is no such thing as unlimited hosting. The long answer is it depends on what you are trying to do. If you are looking to host one web site that gets a lot of visitors, then a VPS is definitely the way to go. If you are looking to host a bunch of different niche web sites, you are better off diversifying your web hosting in the long run.

    As mentioned by Ben, most hosting companies do oversell because I’m sure most customers don’t hit the limit on their unlimited plans.

  11. Yes, you are right. Unlimited hosting is more like a marketing tactic.

  12. ah… this is the first time when I heard that unlimited mean 20GB… seriously I was not aware of it.

  13. Unlimited hosting does exist not it can be exists ever! There is no Hardisk which provides unlimited hosting, and its not possible so the concept of unlimited hosting is just to make the peoples to think like they have unlimited resources, but it have an end point, which you knows after when you host with them..

    1. That is a good point but surely the limits could be a lot higher than a lot of hosts allow? I feel it is too low for most of the good hosts.


  14. Yes, it’s a kind of cheating to advertise like “unlimited web hosting” which in fact is not true. One “unlimited hosting” company even called me to reduce the CPU usage before a script is using their CPU quite a bit.

  15. Yes, you are right. Most of the hosts offer limited bandwidth.

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