How To Ensure Your Broadband Internet Connection Is Not Always Slow


Have you ever wondered why your broadband internet connection is always slow? Are you used to thinking that your slow internet connection problem has something to do with your ISP or do you think you might be doing something right on your path?

The funny thing about broadband internet usage today is that many people are getting way too low broadband speeds than is certified today and they just can’t figure out what might be wrong. I have also experienced a similar situation and this article will be giving you a few tips to help you ensure you always get faster broadband internet access.


Check the inner virus
As internet technology becomes more sophisticated there have been more reports of virus infection over the years. The problem however is that these viruses are not just simple viruses but stubborn viruses that can destroy your computer at the blink of an eye – and funny still, they first have a duty to download all the files on your computer and send it to the fellow who programmed them which ends up resulting in your computer and internet connection becoming frustratingly slow.

It is very important for you to make it a duty not only to install the best antivirus you can lay your hands on but to always do your best to update it every day. You should also make it a habit to be scanning your computer regularly as this way you will be able to notice ahead of time if your computer is likely going to be infected by a virus.

Remove the clutters
All those desktop icons that you haven’t clicked for two months now. Those software applications you never opened since they have been installed and all those folders you keep on creating. They are all clutters that need to be checked and you should never for a moment allow them to take over your computer.

Every single file you add to your computer makes use of its resources, and this ends up making your computer slow and thus affecting your internet connection. If you really want to get the best from your computer then make it a duty to be optimizing it regularly by removing all clutters and by ensuring you only have files and applications you really need to use.

What are those add-ons doing?
Experiencing slow internet connection problems is not restricted to clutters only, and it is not a product of a low computer configuration alone, some little unsuspecting things like which add-ons you install on your browser can make a huge difference in how fast your internet connection can be. Always make it a duty not to install any add-on you won’t be using regularly. Also, if you really need an add-on try to see if there is any other way to get the same service without having to install anything on your browser. Trust me, the less of those add-ons you have the better your internet browsing experience.

Might it be your ISP?
If you’ve followed all the tips above but can’t make any progress then you might want to consider getting in touch with your ISP to lodge a complaint and ask them what might be causing it. You also need to realize that sometimes it might just be the occasional network problems, and in cases like these you have little to worry about, but if the problem is something you experience always then you might want to give trying a new ISP a thought.

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This article is guest written by Paul. You can read his BT broadband review.

26 thoughts on “How To Ensure Your Broadband Internet Connection Is Not Always Slow

  1. Very nice tips, thanks for sharing it

  2. I’ll try your tips and see how it works. But anyways, thanks for the tips.

  3. Earlier this year, my ISP lagged for the full month of February. I know it was my ISP because tracert report showed the spike happening in an outside router/server by my ISP. Every time I called and told them about it, they just made me go through same steps like restart my pc and modem (I never followed) even though I told them that it’s not on my end.

    Usually lag around my house isn’t my computer’s fault, usually always the isp.

    1. Sounds like virginmedia to me.

      1. It was time warner cable.

  4. Great ideas to look into when your internet connection gets slow. But the best method is to upgrade to a faster package, although that also means you have to pay more! Haha…

  5. Will have to try that out, mine is being slow right now and im spending a foryune on “superfast broadband”

  6. Most of the time its the ISP

  7. I usually have CCleaner on me so to delete temporary files, history, cache, etc., on my PC. That seems to save me some problems about slow connection speed.

  8. i cant even imagine a slow connection to work on! 😀

  9. Thanx praveen for helping us out

  10. Right now, I am having problems with my internet connection…It really gives me problems…

  11. I always tweak with my broadband connection. Here i need to update my antivirus subscription. Which one you use?

  12. TuneUp Utilities are some other great tools that you guys gotta check out as well

  13. I’ve just battled with my ISP to have my internet fixed. They oversold, had a congested network and it meant slow internet. Hopefully they will resolve the issue soon.

  14. My opinion is that the best method is to upgrade to a faster package, although that also means you have to pay more money

  15. Its really nice information with great tips on here 🙂

  16. I love the tips because at this moment, I really need this information…Thanks!!

  17. Thank you and I really admire the post here…

  18. Thank you and i really happy that you shared very useful thing, i will apply your trick to improve my internet speed as well as safe my PC. Thanks

  19. I am very happy that i learned something from this post…

  20. Its really nice information with great tips on here

  21. Thanks for your useful information.
    Connections can also be slow because of the wireless card (if used) or router settings.

  22. Another thing that I can recommend is to try out browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. instead of Internet Explorer as they are less prone to malware attacks and are faster to use as well. They also have a lot of add-ons and apps available, most of which are free and help optimize many activities while surfing.


  23. Fortunately I have Unlimited Plan on my BSNL Broadband, but with only 512 Kbps speed, which is bad.

  24. I don’t have any words to appreciate this post…..I am really impressed ….the person who created this post surely knew the subject well..thanks for sharing this with us.

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