List Of 40 High PR Do-Follow Comment Luv Blogs


This is the new updated list of 40 high PR Do-Follow Comment Luv Blogs!

Last time it was a list of 60 blogs, and the list started with PR 6 but, this time it’s just 40 blogs and starts with PR 5. Most of the blogs listed in the old list removed the comment luv plugin or they changed their blog to no-follow. So, it was very difficult to find the do-follow comment luv blogs this time. Anyways, I managed to collect 40 sites.

Why people remove comment luv or make their blog no-follow? It’s simply because they get more number of meaningless comments in their blog.

So, Make sure you don’t do this mistake. Leave only legit comments and use this resource wisely.




PR3: :))


Upcoming Blogs:

Hope it was helpful 🙂

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197 thoughts on “List Of 40 High PR Do-Follow Comment Luv Blogs

  1. Commented in One PR 3 Blog with Comment Luv πŸ˜‰ . That’s None other than Geeks4share !

      1. How PR will increase through this comment luv.

  2. Commenting on above blog will really increase my Google PR??????????

    1. Yea! Building backlinks from high PR sites will increase your site’s PR.

      1. thanx for the list Raj,
        but this list includes some Nofollows sites also. will it work to increase my PR ?

        1. I don’t know about the blog, they might be no follow but when you attach a link to your comment using comment luv they are do-follow! Which will get you a backlink.

          1. Excellent list!

            But just to clarify it is my understanding that nofollow backlinks do NOT impact PR because the bots are essentially oblivious to them.

            Dofollow commentluv is far more rare (although kikolani and others ARE dofollow) and those DO impact PR.

            Thanks for sharing!

  3. Superb sharing parveen………….kudos to you

    1. I’m glad to know you like it.

  4. I was looking for a current list like this just yesterday. Awesome, thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment….!

  5. You are not alone! All blogs get spam comments. You may have to moderate your comments well.

    Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the list. I’m one of those people who rely heavily on do-follow blogs and I absolutely hate it when other people abuse blogs that have comment luv and are do follow! There are so few left it’s almost a rarity.

    1. Yea, it’s almost rarity. Days when people use to put up list of few hundred blogs are gone!

  7. Thanks for the list.
    Really appreciated.


    1. Thanks Flavius πŸ™‚

  8. Praveen,

    Thanks for including my site in this list. I shall be going through yours and grabbing all those I do not have on my personal list.

    Great list. Thanks for the work putting this together.


    1. Hey, Your blog is quite interesting to me. I read it quite often.

      I’m glad to know you like this list. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  9. hi praveen, thanks for these lists. Would like to have commentluv plug in to my blog. I’ve started posting since 2009 but it seems that my blog has fewer followers.. it’s kinda sad but I don’t lose hope..

    1. May be you should start to concentrate a little more on promoting your blog.

  10. πŸ˜‰ yea, people asked me to update the list.

  11. Glad to know it helps you. Thanks for your comment Sahil πŸ™‚

  12. This dofollow blog list play very important roll to making a nice back links and this article really helpful to create nice back links

    Thanks to share this article

  13. Subscribing to one of the best and Cool dofollow link is one of my link building task I was searching for new do follow blog list and got it from geeks4sahre Thanks

  14. Very useful list!

    My new trick is to look for “dofollow list” on Google, but to display results that are no older than 24 hours.

  15. This is really useful list….

  16. Great list Praveen! You have done a great work by creating this useful list.

    Thanks for including my blog in this list, Cheers!

  17. Great list of 40 high PR on here. Thanks a lot for given up here πŸ™‚

  18. Thank you very much, Praveen. It’s getting harder and harder to find do-follow sites these days, so it is very much appreciated.


  19. thanks so much Praveen. Have already started leaving relevant comments. Thanks for sharing!

  20. So nice of you to update! Not enough do. My tip to promote your blog is to share where you care. Comment where you actualy read, have interest and enjoy to write.

  21. Hello Praveen ,
    Thanks for sharing this list of do follow blogs ! I will try to comment on these blogs so that I can increase my blog’s PR !

  22. I think many are fearful of those that say linking will hurt their sites ranking. I disagree. Linking to junky spam sites will. But if you moderate your comments and don’t link to junk you will not be harmed. Yes you spill out a bit of “link juice” but it is worth it to give a small token of appreciation to your good commenters. It is true there is a huge amount of spam junk comments which is annoying to deal with.

  23. What a lovely list of do follow comment blogs! Love them, and will check out one by one. Will take a while since there are 40 of them.

  24. thanks for this list of comment-luv enabled blog. Surely, it is going to enhance interaction between bloggers in order to get more link.

  25. Blog commenting is something i have only just started and the results have been amazing, works so much better and less time consuming than directories and articles. I was struggling to find the best blogs and this list is going to be a great help. Thank you very much!

  26. could you please confirm about I found that they link to other website posts.

  27. Thanks for the list, I hope the comments I am about to make push my website a little bit further ahead in the ranking results.

  28. Thanks for this list. It’s very helpful to me. I’ve already posted my comments on some of the sites on your lists.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  29. Also in case you are having edu websites, which accepts comments, please publish the list. I know that linking from edu websites plays a major role in page rank.

  30. Could you add mine? Mine is a PR2, CommentLuv enabled Dofollow blog.

  31. Praveen – this is an awesome list of blogs, i have already checked out the first few, will surely give them all a review. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Thanks for this list. It’s very helpful to me. I’ve already posted my comments on some of the sites on your lists.

  33. Thanks, this list really helped me. I was desperate for something that was up to date, and your post save me a lot of time.

  34. Thanks for sharing the huge blog list I already started using some & getting better response from those blogs, already generated some good traffic for the site in few weeks.

  35. I am honored to be a part of this. I hope I did this correctly in the name slot. Perhaps you could give me a link on how to use blog luv to it’s best advantage as I am new to this commenting task. This list makes my life a lot easier πŸ™‚

    Blessings to You

  36. Thanks for this list too! Just what I needed.

  37. You can remove James Martell dot com from the list as well. Thanks for putting this together and maintaining it.

  38. This is a nice list of Do-Follow Comment Luv blogs you have compiled. Thank you for including Hot Blog Tips, I appreciate that.

  39. Thanks for the useful list. Ive been looking for this for the whole day. Luckily i found it here.

  40. I am a beginner, and will try this, please guidance of the master bloggers that are here, in terms of increasing my pagerank

  41. Awesome list! I just hope that the “Comments awaiting moderation” get approved…. I guess i will check within a day or 2 and post back! Thanks!

  42. Guess comments as spam is not only part of blogs it is even in websites like mine. In product reviews they just spam and I had to end up disabling the review comments πŸ™

  43. Thank you for this list.
    This is a nice list of Do-Follow Comment Luv blogs you have compiled.
    Ive been looking for this for the whole day. Luckily i found it here.

  44. So far, most comments have been approved the day after posting. Some dofollow blog lists are good, but the blog itself is stagnant. This list is awesome!!

  45. Thank you for this very useful and reliable list. Unfortunately some blogs have turned off their dofollow option. I think spammers are to blame, too, especially Spam Software some Blak Hat SEO use.
    What a pity, dofollow could be a very good way to interpret 2.0 Web

  46. So far all blogs i have used are do follow. If not keywords in name, but the comment luv recent post is. Again, AMAZING list!!

  47. Thank you for sharing this list of blogs, its very useful.
    I have bookmarked your site and will return regularly.

    1. You have the same blog listed twice in the PR3 section.

  48. This is a great source and really appreciate you keeping us up-dated!!!

    Many thanks.
    Warmest wishes

  49. Great list and I really appreciate all the great work that has been done by you

  50. What a great resource to share! I am absolutely going to be checking out all those blogs and commenting! I can see that I need to add Geeks4Share to my google reader and to see what other great resources you share!

  51. Thanks 4 sharing this list…really its very helpful for me…Off-page SEO tips i need from you…

  52. I like what is going with FF but I think they have built it up into a monster. Google Chrome is now my official Browser. Custom IDX

  53. Nice post! this is very useful blog thanks for sharing.

  54. Great list and I really appreciate all the great work that has been done by you
    Thank you brother

  55. You can add my site, it’s dofollow, Comment Luv and PR3

  56. Really great contribution.Thanks lot.i am appreciated to see such a huge and usfull list.
    keep going

  57. Great List πŸ™‚ but what about above PR-5 ranked sites . Anyway thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. PR 5 is there! But only 3 blogs πŸ™‚

  58. My site is a PR-3 ranking please add it to the list πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for adding my site and their is a PR-5 Ranking site its coolpctips[dot]com
        Its on technology πŸ™‚
        Its one of site by our blogging friend Satish <3

  59. Thank you so much for the great post on this list. I been searching around for some good high DO FOLLOW pr sites and did take advantage of many that you listed on this site. Thank you again.

  60. Thanks for sharing this amazing list of high PR Dofollow Blogs list provided by you will be most important for me. For any seo professional/webmaster this list will be very important in generating free backlink in order to rank higher on search engines.

  61. wow really very nice and huge list of comemntluv using blogs.very nice collection i think you worked hard for this collection πŸ™‚

  62. Best dofollow list on the web by FAR!!! Thanks!!

  63. Its basically an outsourced offshore development company which focusses on technology and analytics

  64. Thank you very much for this list! I have been searching for these for my backlinks… Thanks again!

  65. Real nice information, Very helpful backlinks resources for bloggers like me. I appreciate you efforts.

  66. this is very great info for it work for blogger also ?

  67. Nice Do-follow blog list Thanks for this list. You repeated this 2 times in this list and i am new blogger please tell me more about seo

  68. thanks for the list bhai.

  69. Yet another list of blogs that I would like to place a comment. Thanks for sharing.

  70. hey bro sorry that my question is not related to your post but i want to know that which template are u using…??? can u please tell me site from which i can download it?
    thanks in advance

    1. My theme name is BioRaz, download it from

  71. Thanks Praveen,, I will go one by one and commented …

  72. thanks praveen i have never seen this kind of list before

  73. Just wanted to say this list is great and I have used it several times now, thanks again for putting it together.

  74. Thanks to post this blog list ..
    here we got lots of niche do-follow blog for comment

  75. Thank you for sharing your list.

    You’ve clearly taken the time to weed out the spam and junk and provide us with a great service, for which I am grateful.

  76. Many thanks to you… I get what I’m looking for

  77. Its nice to come across a updated list, there are so many outdated lists where the sites have dropped in PR or they no longer follow.

  78. Thanks for the good list. Based upon your opinion (and others), I have installed CommentLuv Premium on my site. It’s Page Rank 2 (and rising!) and I’m offering DoFollow comments for thoughtful replies.

  79. awesome collection, Praveen !!!! Thanks for sharing..

  80. This is totally awesome. Thanks for sharing. I give my google plus one to you…:))

  81. Real Nice and Very Helpful Information

    I appreciate you efforts. Thanks a lot.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Your Family

  82. Thanks really appreciated.

    Does anyone know of any good blogs for follow backlinks to guitar sites.

    If you do would love to hear from you.

  83. I have paid alot of money for backlinks with no results. It is good to have a way to get some with a little work on my own – I Love this and suggest it for anyone looking to make a living online.

  84. I Love this ..
    Thanks for this man !

  85. Thanks For Providing Such a List…..Backlinking From This Sites Has Increased Traffic To My Website Incredibly……….Thanks Dude

  86. Really nice article
    This dofollow blog list play very important roll to making a nice back links and this article really helpful to create nice back links

  87. I just installed CommentLuv on my blog. I hope I don’t get too much more spam. Thoughtful comments will be rewarded!

  88. Hey there this is a nice post and your blog has got a good collection of useful articles, thanks for sharing this great list of blogs, i always wanted this list…

  89. Commented on all the above blogs , including geeks4share πŸ˜€
    Thanks for the info

  90. Thanks for this list, I went to the 60 do follow list and was redirected. Thanks for doing that. I get tired of page not found. I’m new to this business but like the do follow blogs and the juice it can give when used properly.

    You have quite a bit of content here. Its gonna take me awhile to get thru it all…:)

  91. Praveen thanks for sharing this awesome dofollow list of blogs.

  92. Best dofollow blog list on the web hands down. Thanks for sharing!!

  93. Thanks a lot….This is list beneficial for me.Please update the new list.

  94. Yeah, I love dofollow comment luv..
    Nice share dude, keep post πŸ™‚

  95. Tons of thanks dear webmaster !!!

  96. This commentluv blog search engine would help us find comment luv enabled blogs.
    However you should subscribe it first. But it worth.

  97. why i cannot submit my comment successfully

  98. Might want to run through list and check Pageranks… Just noticed first 2 blogs listed in PR5 section or PR4.

  99. Thanks for sharing these quality websites. I am hoping that most of these websites have good PR actually and its beneficial for all of us.

  100. Thanks for giving huge list of high ranked blogs, this collection can help new bloggers a lot. Keep it up!

  101. Thanks. This is an awesome list and very current as well. May I suggest my own blog be added to the list – it is do dollow and a pr 2 .


  102. Really Awesome Do follow Blogs.. Some of them are Upgraded(Ur’s too).. Thanks for the share..

  103. Another awesome list. Thanks for sharing this mate. I wish this will give my site more traffic..

  104. Working through the list as I read them. Just going to pick a few and then do the same each day

  105. Any ideas or advice on how many backlinks you have to leave to actually make a difference? I’m sure you could devote hours and hours to this, but is it worthwhile??

    1. Hi Kim, to make a difference and to rank on the first page for competitive keyword, you will need from 700 – 1000 good backlinks.
      The small start would be around 100 – 200 backlinks.
      It’s pretty simple, the more articles you write the higher the PR will be, the more backlinks you get, the higher the position will be on search results. Hope this will help you a bit.

  106. My site Tekgazet is also a CommentLuv (Premium) site with keyword Dofollow link and the second Dofollow in the one of recent 10 posts. It is a PR 3 blog. You may include it in your list.

  107. Wow…. Really cool…. i always love dofollow blog.
    Thx geeks4share.

    Good Post!

  108. You know this article has saved the life of my blog, I had a blog which was hit by panda and I have bookmarked this page so that I can comment on these page everyday hope this would help me recover from panda

    Thanks for this post

  109. Thanks so much for this list. I have been looking for an updated version of this since Google made their changes. I appreciate the effort!

  110. This is the best CommentLuv blog list I have yet to come across on the internet. Thanks for sharing!!!

  111. Hey,

    Just something quite important regarding your list! You rank the list in terms of page rank. That is a somewhat outdated mode of thinking – nowadays people tend to think less in terms of page rank and more in terms of page authority and trust.

    While it’s easy to quickly define high PR sites, and SOMETIMES they correlate with authority and trust, it’s not often the case.

    If you could compile a list that includes high Page Authority and Trust that would be awesome. For readers that aren’t sure re: these terms. If you download the SEOMOZ toolbar (free) you can see these figures if you sign up for the free trial.

    Also possibly it would be good to see a list like this divided into niches – since relevant sites are also important for SEO.

  112. Thank you for taking the time to put together this list. I have just recently became aware of commentluv, and am thinking about putting it onto my website. Does it actually help you generate more traffic to your site by having it installed? I guess I am not clear on what it is doing search engine wise.

  113. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing these sites! I Immediately bookmarked it.

  114. What a great, useful list! Thank you SO much! I’m putting this to use right away. I think CommentLuv is a wonderful tool, helping like-minded people connect with each other through comments and websites.

    Even when Page Rank changes, just knowing about sites that use CommentLuv and have ranked well in the past… that’s a great start to discovering interesting, useful, and caring websites.

    Thanks again!

  115. Great list, just finished now going though it and building links. Great help and i would like to thank you. Although some required a login? no big deal though.


  116. Hmm, to be hones I dounb about this. Yes those blogs are PR4-3, but when you enter specific page where you can comment, it’s PR is shown as 0, so basically it’s useless to get backlinks from PR0 websites πŸ™‚

  117. Thanks for your hard work in putting this list together.

    It’s a great resource and I’ll definitely be bookmarking your page and looking to keep busy by building a few links from the blogs on your list each day.

  118. Really Awesome Do follow Blogs.. Thanks for the share..

  119. This is a very useful list. I’ve noticed these are mostly about blogs. How would I find my own high PR DoFollow links in my own Niche? Many thanks.

  120. Thanks for the great list. I looked at a few and some are nofollow now.

  121. Nice list pal .Can improve our site pr and traffic with this a lot.

  122. Great list! I run a New Jersey Marketing Company, and this will be really helpful for our own SEO. Thanks Raj.

  123. Thanks that list help me most, Now my web site pr is 4.

  124. Really Very helpfull dofollow list. Thanks for sharing this.

  125. Thanks a lot for the huge list πŸ™‚

  126. Great list thanks for taking the time out and listing the sites.

  127. Thanks for the extensive list of high pr do-follow blogs. I’m already at it to get more backlinks.



  128. Great List – thanks
    This is the first time I have come across CommentLuv – I will look out for it more in the future

  129. thank you very much for the list, great for backlinks πŸ™‚

  130. nice share. thanks. is the comment link can make my website page rank better ?

  131. Thank you for sharing this do-follow blog list. It’s really helpful.

  132. Wow! this is really a huge community of Bloggers,,, stupendous!,
    thanks for the blog list.

  133. Best list. It will be more better if you still revise it because some already made it nofoloow

  134. nice post praveen, am using them for my blogs and website , great share thanks !!

  135. Thanks for posting these links Praveen, I’ve already found a couple blogs that I commented on.

    Now I just need to get motivated to go through the whole list and put some more work into it! Thanks again!!

  136. can you add more dofollow blogs in separate niches like tech, blogging, health and travel, actually am looking for health and travel related niches, anyways thanks for the list, am using it for my tech blogs….

  137. Amazingly Great list……………..Thanks bro

  138. Thanks for the list. I just installed CommentLuv on my blog. Quick question- how’d you get the security question at the bottom instead of a simple “Check if you’re not a spammer?” Feel free to leave a message on my blog; I’ve enable DoFollow, KeywordLuv, and 10 posts to everyone for the next week as a thank you for letting me post on your blog.

  139. Great list…!
    Very helpful list of blogs. This list will help in link building. I have just recently became aware of commentluv and I think it will help also.

  140. Hey, this is an awesome list! I have bookmarked the page. Thanks for sharing.

  141. Thanks for sharing all these links. I do hope it will helps to increase the traffic and improve my web PR.

    Any PR6-PR9 blog that you can share with us ??

  142. Thanks bro. this is really an awesome list! I just coppy and collect them all. It’s really helpfull to me.

  143. great list but you can make it huge thanks πŸ™‚

  144. Rankings is not just linking to other blogs/websites with high PR, today, most search engine are very sensitive in any websites and blogs that has quality content. Google will just pick up the one who has quality related content even if your blogs or websites doe’nt have high PR.

  145. Excellent collection and really thanks for the list from bottom of my heart.

  146. Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for the list, but you add myblog2day twice

  147. Awesome list,
    Thanks a lot for these usefull resources πŸ™‚


  148. After panda update, do comluv and dofollow links work?

  149. Gah, my website link is wrong in the previous comment.

  150. Your do follow links are very helpful. Do you have any list on the topic for sales tax or taxation in general?

  151. Thanks for the links but it will be better if you will check it once some of them are now nofollow links and their is some changes in the blogs PR….

  152. thanks for the great list of do follow blogs. it will help me to increase my blog PR will use it for blog commenting

  153. great list………..m a new blogger but someday even my blog will be listed among them………\m/…….:)

  154. Great list… and seems like most of the PR is valid and genuine… so commenting on the above blogs will increase the PR for sure.

  155. nice list…!! the last blog in the PR2 list – does not exist… it says its moved.. πŸ™‚

  156. My blog has dofollow comments at

    Thanks Praveen, a great list to pass some good link juice to my site. This is first time I have been on your site and there is a lot of useful stuff here for me. πŸ™‚

  158. thanks admin your previous 60 list help me a lot in getting a quality traffic via commenting this list will going to help me again.

  159. Thank you for posting this list, and updating it. I’m sure that took some research. I recently discovered the power of commenting on blogs with commentluv and I think it’s spoiled me a bit. I hardly comment with anything else!

  160. CommentLuv tool is beneficial to both parties only if quality comments are made. Commentors should read the post carefully so that he/she can make comments that add meaning to the discussion.

    My blog is also Dofollow and CommentLuv enabled and I would appreciate it if you include my blog on your next updated list. Thank you very much!

  161. Thanks a lot Perveen!,
    It’s such a great List. I’m using this list in june, 2012 and it works…
    Thank you

  162. one more thing Perveen, if there any latest list you have made, then please update that also…

    Thank you

  163. A great resource thank you for sharing. There are some good blogs in there too worth a read.

  164. This is a fabulous list. It is the first kind I have seen to list the PR of the websites that include comment luv. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  165. Wow! I was expecting to see a slew of the mom/deal/save-money/product-review bloggers on here, which some my categorize my site as, but this is not the case.

    I love technology and all that jazz, but by the title of these sites alone, I have little to no interest in even visiting them.

    I like to use CommentLuv to find content similar to the content on the site I’m currently browsing. To me it’s somewhat of a “similar posts” widget. When I leave a comment on another site, I try to choose the comment (for those with the Premium widget) that best suites the current post I am reading.

    I’m very curious to how to derived this list. Is it from blogs in your genre? How was rank determined?

  166. This is an exhaustive list and really be of use both in terms of SEO and higher page rank.

  167. Thanks for the list I’ve gone through them all commenting hopefully the majority get approved so that I can ping em!

  168. this a great list. am little bit confused that if i comment on that blogs and my website is not related to the topic or the website. then what will happen.

  169. Great Dofollow site list! Can be very useful for bloggers! Thanks

  170. Does this list still works?

  171. Is creating high Page Rank backlinks through commenting work in today’s time also after google is changing their algorithms?

  172. Thanks for the great list of blogs for posting. I know how much work is involved in maintaining a list like this, as they change frequently. I’ve already posted to three of them, and they were actually very informative sites. I found the answer to a couple of questions that I had. Good job!

  173. Grt list… I have also moved to commentluv enable comment form.. PR-2

  174. Thanks mate, great list to build up some links for one of my recently launched blogs πŸ™‚


  175. Is comment Backlinking consider as spam, in the new google seo system? please answer.

  176. Hi!

    Can you please remove my blog from your list. I no longer provide CommentLuv links on Basic Blog Tips.

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