Your site is ranking like it never did before, the traffic coming in like you didn’t ever thought of, the profit you’re making like you didn’t even make in the wildest of your dreams, but how is it going to happen? Well, it will need proper investment of your time and energy and of course equally proper implementation of your SEO efforts.

By the way, how are you dealing with your SEO Content Marketing right now? Are you doing the things in skewed up ways? Stop, there itself, if you don’t want your business to get completely skewed and screwed up. Before you do anything anymore, take any further step, go down this page, and read the Best Off Page Optimization Tips to change your dream success into reality!


Content is the King and when handled properly, it makes your site the Queen, and people bow with trust and respect in front of it.

Since, content marketing deals with all your off page activities that involves content, the first thing that you’ll have to do is make your content outperforming all the content published on the internet related to your niche. Make your words magical words, some kind of talisman opening up all the doors to your targeted traffic that gets you maximum conversion.

How to make your content outperforming, all pervading, and outstandingly successful?

First, place your talisman words into it, i.e. your Keywords. Do a through keyword research, and choose best possible keywords related to your business niche. And have them included in your content. But do not place them in enormous numbers. Best is to place just once of twice in the content body.

Second, create deadly gripping Titles. Your title or headline is the first thing that the readers come across, so create them as if you’re creating the icing of your wedding cake!

Third, be Up to Date. Your content shouldn’t have boring, full of old aged stuffs. What ever you write, make sure your knowledge base is updated properly. For example, if you have a fashion site. And you give fashion related tips to people. But your tips are five years old. Sorry to say, nobody is going to read them. Yeah, if give your readers a time machine to go back and read your content, it may do some good!

Fourth, be informative, interesting, and never be off topic. Don’t sound lousy, boring, and foolish. Be informative, entertaining, and arouse interest in people. Most importantly, don’t lose your track. Some people start at Eiffel Tower, reach Barista Coffee chains, and are soon lost to space science at NASA. Now, this is not going to help. So, stay tuned to your subject and don’t at all get off topic.

What are the SEO Content Marketing Areas, by the way?

Some, of the most popular areas include,


Creating blogs work splendidly well in getting you back links. Create blogs using the popular Web 2.0 blogging platforms. Make sure you follow all the above mentioned points in creating the post for your blogs. Blogs are the best places to place your links and get traffic to your site.

Guest Posting

Befriend other bloggers; get introduced with other sites and blogs in your niche who accept posts from guest writers. As you get to place your links in the post, this will get you traffic and as well as back links.

Article Submission

This is the oldest way to promote yourself and get back links with your content. You simply have to write great articles and submit them to the popular article submission sites. Be sure, to choose the best submission sites only, as many of the sites have got the back seats after Google Panda attack, and submission to such sites doesn’t really help in getting better ranking. Article submission proves helpful as you get to place your links in the author’s bio getting back link to your site.

Press Release

This is again a great way to get back links and better ranking to your site. All you’ll have to do is brush up your journalistic skills and pick up all the newsworthy activities of your company, like a new product launch, any event, conference, awards you have just won, etc and create attractive press releases and publish them at the best known press release sites. As you’ll be including your links here it will get you back links and of course lots of good traffic.

Get success by using these best off page optimization tips for handling your SEO content marketing.

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