Do you know the reason why most people like me stay online? Guess the answer would be make money online. There are hundreds and thousands of people like be who like to make money online. There are many ways to make money money online, one such way is having a coupon code site like mine where I provide discounts and coupons on havahart wireless fence coupon and Oakley Signs discount code.

So, Do you wish to know the details behind how I make money through my coupon code site? In  this article I will let you know couple of my strategies on how to make quick bucks using coupons and discounts.

I presume, you are well versed in internet and online demand about products and its niche. Coupons sites are becoming more and more popular and gaining momentum and making lot of money, the reason behind it is the demand for it. People before spending their money want to know available options, whether they get a discount for the same or a coupon code for the same? This is responsible for our demand, and next concept comes is the supply, we are responsible for the supply of the demand for the products providing them offers that they can’t refuse.


If you are not sure on which product you want to provide coupon for, then I suggest you start your research through E-bay and amazon. These are sites that are responsible for today’s coupon sites existence. Search for the popular products or similar, you might find interesting. Once you are into it later you will come to know which product fetches better results. I suggest you to use the Google Keyword tool for the popularity of the keywords. And these keywords are very much responsible for your coupons. And when choosing a keyword I recommend you have keywords like “product promo code” or “product coupon code” or even “product discount coupon”. You can have use your creativity as much as possible.

Now another point that comes down is, say you already have your coupon code site and want to drive traffic to your site. This is the most important part of the business. What’s the purpose if you create a coupon site and no one knows about it? I drive traffic to my coupon site where I provide coupons for havahart wireless fence coupon and Oakley Signs discount code, here’s how I do it.

  • Increase your social presence first and fore most thing. Be active and be online (always if possible). Because most user are online these days and Facebook is one such network where information is shared and viewed instantly. Say you have an option for sharing your coupon code on Facebook, if any person buys your offer then their might be a possibility that some other friends might also be interested in your product.
  • Make you site SEO optimized. This is pretty important. You also need to drive traffic through search engines as well. People search for discounts and coupon code for the product around the world, and your site should be getting that user and that product he is searching for.
  • Now if you are not sure on how to create coupon site or design it, then I suggest you have a look at coupon making site like
    this site helps you create your own coupon site and which is SEO optimized.
  • Let you friends and people know about your site, how do you make this happen? Guest blogging, have people write about the coupons and code you are offering and mark your presence through various blogs and sites. Make as a many blogger friends as possible and get more followers on Facebook and twitter, as this will help you gain more subscribers.

The best strategy is let people know more about your product coupon code, and ultimately what matters is making money and get success in business.

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