Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – A Guide To Start With

What is the biggest concern of all the webmasters across the internet sphere? It’s a simple little thing called “targeted traffic” in which they see their potential clients and customers, the main source of revenue.

This makes it essential for the webmasters to have an in-depth knowledge of SEO as optimization plays a vital role in improving the over all visibility and popularity of a site leading to better ranking bringing in huge traffic.

However, if you are a beginner and haven’t dealt with it yet, you need a search engine optimization tutorial to learn all the tricks of the trade and apply them well for the best results. Here in this tutorial you’ll find some of the easy to handle tricks that will help your site get better ranking.

Let’s start from the very beginning, what do you understand by the term SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used for the various practices performed internally and externally in order to improve the search engine result page ranking leading to better visibility, popularity, and of course traffic to your site.


These techniques or practices can be better understood by dividing them into two broad categories –

1 . On Page Optimization: – It is that part of optimization which involves making certain changes and additions directly to your site to increase its visibility and improve its ranking. It is the first part of your optimization campaign.


2. Off Page Optimization: – It is the other part of the optimization which involves participating in certain activities which don’t deal with the site directly but does improve the ranking and visibility indirectly. Though this part comes in only after you are done with the on page part, yet it is something that is most dealt with and takes the maximum part of your optimization process.

3. So, where should you start from?

First see how a page appears in the search result page.

You need to know that – first of all search engines crawl your pages, next they index them, then they check out their relevancy and finally on the basis of all this; your pages are ranked when somebody searches the internet using a search engine.

Users search the internet using search terms or keywords. The search engines match those keywords placed in the search queries by the users with those in the pages indexed with them and send back only those pages to them that they find the most relevant.

So, it must have been clear to you by now that the “keywords” are what you should start from.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research means making out how the users search the internet, what kind of search terms or keywords they use, what kind of queries they have in their minds while searching the internet, etc. Using some keyword research tools prove most helpful in your research decision. Remember you’ll have to think just like the users do.

5. Using the Keywords on your Site

If you really want your site to be found out by the users and of course by the search engines while indexing your site, it is essential for you to have all the relevant keywords present on your site in the relevant amount, at the relevant places. So once you have selected your keywords place them on your site in your Title Tag, Meta Description, site content, and so on. This placing of keywords on your site is a part of the on page optimization.

 6. Content Marketing

Now this happens to be the off page part as it won’t be dealing with your site and its coding in any way. This involves promoting your site with the help of content. Your content can be anything like article, videos, photographs, etc. All these different kinds of contents can be used for getting back links (i.e. link coming to your site) as well as traffic.

7. Article submission

You simply need to write some useful articles related to your business niche and submit them on various article directories, this will get you back links which are one of the important criteria taken into consideration by the search engines while indexing your site.

8. Blogging

Blogging is another wonderful part of content marketing that involves creating blogs on some of the popular Web 2.0 blogging platforms and publishing useful and attractive content on them. Here you can place your links and get in bound links to your site. This also proves helpful in getting you traffic especially when your blog has gained popularity.

9. Video and Photo sharing

Video and photo sharing sites again prove quite helpful in your content marketing as you can place your links with your videos and images which get you in bound links.

Though the above mentioned points don’t cover all the SEO techniques but these effective and easy to handle tricks are surely enough to be a part of a search engine optimization tutorial and prove helpful for the beginners.

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  4. Great guide. Search optimization today is much more complex than a few years ago when the competition was less and it was easier to rank higher. Today, not only is it more competitive but the quality of content is more important than ever. The new algorithms like Panda is putting more value on genuine content as well as page views and other more ‘human’ features.


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  11. Wow it’s really great explanations about SEO. It’s better for beginner who want to start blogging or internet marketing. Keep writing about SEO because there are so many things that must be shared. Thanks for sharng

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