Running contests on your blog is one of the best quick traffic building methods. As contests can give people an opportunity to win some not free stuffs for free it can generate much traffic for your blog.

In this post, I will let you know about how to build traffic effectively by running a contest in your blog.


1. The Giveaway ! 

First of all, the effectiveness of the contest, depends on what is the prize, or giveaway that the contest winner will get. If it’s something valuable and useful for your readers, then it would be easy for you to bring out the best from your contest. Otherwise, the contest won’t get good number of participants, which ultimately means a Failure!

So be very careful before you decide the giveaway.

2. Building The Buzz

As already being said, if the product which you have selected is a good one, and an useful one, then building the buzz for your contest will be very easy.

The best way to bring traffic to your contest page, is Social media. I don’t think that I have to explain why social media works like a charm in attracting traffic to a contest.

Don’t forget Forums, it’s another good place to find traffic for your contest.

3. Make Use Of Each Participation

You could have seen bloggers asking you to tweet, like, or share the contest page in your social media profiles. When the number of participation is big, the number of shares on the social media will also be a big number. This can bring a tonnes of traffic to your contest page.

It can also bring a traffic that you never imagined. Contest can really do magics!

4. Collect Information

You can have a registration form that one has to fill in order to enter the contest. Using the form you can get the E-mail addresses. With which you can build a good mailing list.

In future, if you are running another contest, you can just send out an email to your mailing list, which will be much for easier to build a buzz for your contest.

Got anymore ideas? Share it with us, through your comments. Hope it helps :)

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