Gmail – A New Look [Review]

In any Social Media or Email or Whatever the update is very important or else someone will beat you in the market. Gmail now realized that and they updated in High Definition (HD) themes, Conversations and Navigation. The easiest way to switch the new look is “switch to the new look” which is available in the bottom right corner of our Gmail home page. So we are going to see these updates in detail.

High Definition (HD) Themes:
Even you switched into new look the old theme will not changed. Gmail will carry over the old themes. If you want change the High Definition (HD) themes you can choose any one among the ten different kinds of themes. We can adjust the display density also. There are three different types of densities are available. Those are comfortable, cozy and compact. Comfortable and Cozy options are suitable for larger Screens and the last one is for smaller screens. These screens are mainly used to increase or decrease the space between labels and Messages and even we can adjust the space between the mails which is available in inbox also. Comfortable is used in larger screens in order to increase the white space and neatly displays the contents in larger screens. Compact option is used to see more emails in small screens. The HD theme is also giving better look.


The new Gmail gives you a profile pictures. So that we can easily identify who is saying what. Now we can adjust the space between the lines as they displayed in a comfortable manner. Spacing between the elements are automatically changed depends on the display used by users.

Now Gmail has a smarter navigation panel over the older one. Navigation panel is available in left side of the Gmail page. If we want to see more in chat or labels we can resize these also. Now we can easily found the email by using search menu.

The new Gmail search option is really a threat to Apple’s SIRI’s application. New Gmail customizes the Web Search and Web Mail in a single one. Due to this if we begin type any word in search option that time itself it shows an icon like web search or web mail.

So these all are the new features are included in the Gmail which gives a neat look to Gmail compare with old one.

Author Bio:
Author of this article is a web addict and freelance writer who love to write about software’s and java programming.

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33 thoughts on “Gmail – A New Look [Review]

  1. hmm….. Great Post .. Thanks for Sharing . I like the Old Look of Gmail .

  2. The new Gmail is definitely much better than the old one. I like the new themes too!

    1. But I think the old one was better. New one is good but the old was better.

  3. I tried the new gmail and it is definitely great! It’s feature is much better than the old ones.

  4. I am using the new Gmail now… I like it more that their previous design especially with uploading files… Thank you for sharing!

  5. The new look of Gmail has made it look good as well as gmail is now faster and better

  6. New Gmail design is really cool…liked it…

  7. It’s good that Gmail innovates often, so those users will be glad.

    1. Indeed.. that is one of the things I love about Google. They are never afraid to break new ground and innovate whereas many other companies think many times before straying too far from the proven path.


  8. the new design is awesome, thanks for the review praveen

  9. Nice to learn that Gmail updated their few important areas such as high definition themes, conversation and navigation. The process is really easy to bring the new look that I got know from your post. Thanks for your this essential post.

  10. I really like the new look Gmail. It’s more clean of course but I love the themes and the seamless flexibility of the page when you resize the window.


  11. Great post! I’m very happy about the new Gmail design. And it’s faster than the old one. Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. Google are always changing, always improving their services, further setting themselves apart from the competition. I really hope one day companies such as yahoo or bing catch up. As many of you know power corrupts.

  13. I like the new look. Its simple and easy to use.

  14. New design is so shiny and clean and offcourse its simplicity is the way hoe google is NO 1.

  15. New look is cool and very fast..
    Expecting more posts from you in future

  16. Thanks for your sharing, I have tried the updated version. It is great and more convenient.

  17. Hi Praveen
    I like the new look very much. I have been using it for some days now and don’t miss the old one at all.

  18. I really love this one new look of Gmail. This change occur by Google+,the new social bookmarking site.

  19. I did not try the new look yet but I will try it as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I never had a chance to use the old Gmail, as I only recently switched to Gmail., and already I am in love with it. I love the design and all the functionality.

  21. I am not a fan of Gmail’s new look at all. I prefer the old one and i actually didn’t upgrade my main email address because i don’t like the totality of it. well that’s just me..

  22. Great post! Whether Gmail has old or new look, I still be appreciating it. Gmail is the only way I can share my work with a friend. We always share same spreadsheet, through Gmail.

  23. The new look of Gmail is just that – a better looking design. I think that the new Yahoo mail with the tabbed browsing is much more user-friendly than the new Gmail. The main reason why I stick to Gmail is for the Google docs, while Ymail doesn’t have. Just my two cents….

  24. i like the new look! 🙂 i wonder what will be their next update.

  25. Seriously? Better???? Sue if you are not using gmail as an email app… WHo needs a crappy navigation, bad ui, heavy and slow e-mail tool that looks like facebook or Google plus?


  26. Gmail will always surpass themselves with innovation. Users often dont like the improvements, but intime when the greater functionality is appreciated, thats when you get the praise

  27. New one is good but the old was better. Thanks for your this essential post. in love with it.

  28. I love the new look of Gmail. I have been using this add for quite so long and I love the enhancements they did. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  29. I HATE the new look of google gmail. Why not let the person choose which look they prefer without trying to dictate what they get?

  30. I hate gmail’s new look. It is so washed out. I need the lines separating the different mail. I went on it today and just stared, never even trying to go into and mail. The appearance is just awful and unfriendly, stark and cold. PUT IT BACK!!!!!!

  31. I personally dont like the new gmail theme.

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