With advances in technology rolling out on a daily basis, selling your unneeded tech gear, or fishing gear for that matter, is as easy as taking a quick snapshot with your Smartphone. New and constantly evolving applications for iPhone and Android operating systems are making it easier to advertise and sell both used and new goods online, without the need to set up an account on one of the bigger sales sites like eBay and Craigslist.



SimplyListed is an application that made for iPhone, and makes it easier for users to take pictures with the built-in camera and sell them online. You do not have to synchronize the pictures or worse yet, upload them one at a time to a website and set up an advertisement. Pictures that you take with your iPhone using the app become sale listings automatically, with no extra work involved on the part of the iPhone user.

There are special themed sales daily, and the app lets you know when a new sale occurs. You can snap four photographs of your item, describe the item optionally, and then just hit the “list” button to go live. The app automatically figures out what you want to sell, a viable price option, and then offers it for sale. You can then promote your listing by whatever means you want to drive more traffic to it.  Communication is easy between sellers and potential buyers by giving sellers a masked link that still routes the messages directly into your inbox.

EBay for Smartphones

Many people shy away from eBay because of the time involved in listing items. With the new Smartphone apps, you can list a pair of boots from your closet, or your car from the driveway in under a minute. You can research similar items and pre-populate your listing. You can also upload your pictures, edit, and then share your listing on Twitter and Facebook.  The app also has a barcode scanner for easier research and sales support functions that help you track shipments and notifications. The Android app even has voice-enabled search, so you do not have to fumble with typing.


Zaarly is a little different, in that it allows you to ask for something that you want to buy from someone nearby. From a set of bunk beds for your twins to an iPhone, you simply input what you are looking for, and what you are willing to pay for it. You can ask people for anything, as long as it is local, which is part of the appeal of this application. Keeping money in the community is the premise, and we all know that keeping the money local and reinvesting it helps everybody in that area.

You can also list items that you have for sale, and take bids on them. The decision is always yours as to the final price paid for your items. The system enables you to accept credit card payments for your items, but of course, you can meet the buyer in person and accept cash as well. Certainly, you should take care when doing so.

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