Why did you ever create your website? If your site is an e-commerce oriented one, you surely got it out there for selling stuffs and if it is for providing information or things for free, you surely look forward to getting revenue through some other means, whatever you aim at, the ultimate result is money that makes you tell the world that you have an online business.

This online business of yours soars high only when its traffic soars high. In simple terms, it is traffic that you actually need. Now if you have just started with the site, you might not have a strong ad budget or yours is a small business with an equally small advertising budget, in such cases, you’ll surely be looking forward to such methods that won’t need a bigger investment but will work like wonder.


How about knowing such methods that increase website traffic free? Yes, it’s possible and here you’ll find some of the methods that will help you get traffic to your website without investing a dime but it surely will take some of your precious time!

1. Social Media Presence

Create a page for your site on the various social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Now how will your page on these sites prove helpful? Well, these pages will create awareness about your online existence. Write an attractive and to the point introduction/bio and facilitate people to join your page. Keep posting cool stuffs that get their attention, give incentives for joining you and prove useful to them. Once your page will have lots of fans and supporters, they will constitute a good percentage of your site’s traffic. But you’ll have to be active on these pages and keep your supporters engaged.

2. Forum Posting

Forums are great sources of targeted traffic to your site for these are the places where people related to your niche flock in. And when you place your message in front of the right kind of audience, it always works well. So, check out the internet forums related to your site or business theme and join the most suitable ones. Once you become a part of these forums, start participating actively, you’ll get to place your link in your signature which then gives you a chance to propagandize your site among the other members of the forum. And if you keep posting useful and attractive stuffs you soon get a network of your own that then prove helpful in getting you visitors to your site.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site for the most popular but easily approachable keywords in your niche. This will get your site placed in the top positions of the search engine result pages which makes it possible for your site to be easily found out by the users increasing your visiting traffic.

Now if you are going to hire some professional SEOs for the purpose it’ll need a proper investment but if you plan to optimize your site on your own, it won’t need any monetary investment though you’ll have to spend a lot of your time. With some of the easiest possible SEO techniques you’ll soon be able to get proper traffic.

Check out the above methods to increase website traffic free and help your site do well.

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