In your early days of blogging, your blog had a very little traffic coming to your site everyday, or you didn’t have any traffic at all. The contents that you built during that time would haven’t reached many people because you didn’t have enough traffic when it was actually published, and when your blog’s traffic has grown those old contents will be buried and rarely people go deep into your archive. So those old contents didn’t reach many people!

You can make use of those articles again(when you have built a large readers base) to make sure that those content which were also build working hard is read by your readers. Now in this posts, I will discuss about how to take your readers back to old stuffs on your blog and show them “Old is Gold” 😉


1. Repair The Content!

Your writing skill or the knowledge about the topic you had while building those old contents will be less than your writing skill or the knowledge you currently have. So their is no wonder finding mistakes in your old blog post. You can repair them and make them appear free from errors.

If you are not interested in repairing your old articles, you can just take the topic and re-write the post and publish them again on your blog as a fresh post.

2. Link Them To Recently Publish Related Posts

While writing a new post, if you feel that one of your old blog post might be very helpful in making your readers understand what you’re writing in your current post blog well or if you feel that one of your old post is very much related to the current blog post that you’re writing then you can simple insert a link of your old content in your new blog posts.

By this way, you can take your readers to read your old blog post.

3. Re-share The Old Posts

Another idea to drive traffic to your old blog post is sharing them all again in your social networks. Just Share them on Facebook, Google+, re-Tweet and send the article to your newsletter subscribers through a short newsletter. Just do whatever you do to a newly published blog post.

4. Feature Them In Your Blog

If your blog has a featured posts feature then, you can repair your old content and feature them again in your blog and keep them featured for few days. Which can bring few eye balls to your old posts.

If your blog doesn’t have a featured post feature, you can get it by installing any of the plugins mentioned in this post – “4 Amazing Featured Post Slider Plugin For WordPress” ( 😉 )

5. Make Top Posts or Useful Post Lists

You can make a list of your top blog posts and publish it, or you can prepare a list of related posts together. Example, “WordPress Complete Tutorial” which can have all your blog posts related to wordpress and have a link to this list from your homepage.

6. Use Related Post Plugins

You can make use of related posts plugins in your blog which by itself sometimes display old blog posts as a related posts. But I don’t think this can drive more traffic to your old blog posts like other ways mentioned above in this post because, the related posts plugin sometimes display your old contents and sometimes it doesn’t, when it does show, the users has more related posts to click on (may be 3 or 4 related posts displayed by the plugin), so the probability a visitor visits your old content is very less.

Got anymore ideas to bring traffic to your old posts? Share it with us. Hope it was helpful 🙂

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