All of us have learned a lesson in our childhood that pen is stronger than weapon. But, it depends on us how we make use of it. Before writing any blog or article, you need to be familiar with the actual blogging psychology. If you are interested to write blogs or articles on net, here you may get your all answers. Let’s discuss in detail how you could become a perfect blogger.


1. First think and then write
You need to think first whatever you are going to write. It means that you need to make a plan in your mind how will you start your blogging. So, perfect mind mapping needs to be done sooner than putting the pen down.

2. Do needful researches on the topic
It is always suggested to do enough research before starting blogging. In case, you have already sufficient information about the precise topic, then there is no problem. But, if you are not properly familiar with it, then you should go for more and more research on net. There should not be even a bit of doubt in your mind regarding your blog.

3. Keep proper format
Whatever you write in your blog, should not be too long. It makes the readers feel boring and for that reason, they may not go through your entire blog. Always divide the blog or article into a number of relevant paragraphs. Such format makes the appearance of the blog nice and then does not seem to be too long. Introduction and conclusion should be provided. It does not mean that you need to directly mention as ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’. You may do the same indirectly as well.

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4. Use attractive tone in writing
Now, here we are going to discuss the most imperative part of blogging. Your tone of writing needs to be reflected direct to the readers’ heart. It means that the tone of writing needs to be attractive. It never should be like an advertisement or a sell approach. Even if your target is to sell something, it should not be revealed directly to the readers. Hence, you need to present your blog in an indirect tone, but it also needs to be to the point as well.

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5. Provide short and catchy title
Title of a blog makes the first impression of the blog to the readers. The entire story needs to be reflected in the title. However, there should be something mysterious that will make the readers interested to go through the entire blog. Keep in mind that the title should not be too long. Try to provide a short as well as catchy title to your blog.

Hence, it is not too hard to write an excellent blog. You just have to keep in mind some important things. So, do the needful researches and plan the story properly before starting the blog. Then, format it efficiently and keep the tone attractive to the readers. This is the overall presentation style of a nice blog.

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