If you have free time between tasks and want to do something entertaining, you don’t have to resort just to information sites or music anymore. Here are 10 great plugins for FireFox for those moments during the day when you just need a break.


1. Fire.fm

This Firefox add-on helps you to discover new artists, music and also enables streaming of Last.fm radio directly. You can listen to the radio streaming via your add-on bar or even your Firefox toolbar. Additionally, you can locate Last.fm users with similar taste in music, tag tracks, albums and artists; the auto play plays the last played station when you start FireFox. Several tool bar customization options are available as well.

2. Video DownloadHelper

This add-on allows you to easily download and convert videos to your preferred format, from sites similar to YouTube and picture and audio galleries. Whenever DownloadHelper detects video or audio content, the tool’s icon displays animation. Downloading the contract is as easy as selecting the item to download. This tool works with various media content sites such as DailyMotion, MySpace, Google videos, Porkolt, DreamHost, iFilm and so on.

3. FoxyTunes

The FoxyTunes add-on enhances any media player you use to locate music content on the web, via your browser. So whether you’re looking to find music lyrics, covers, videos or artist bios, all you do is allow FoxyTunes to search it for you. This tool supports multiple media players such as Pandora, iTunes, WinAmp and many more.


With TV-Fox, you can now watch TV programming directly from your Firefox Browser. There’s a readily available database of more than 2780 Live TV Channels, categorized based on country and category. You can also pick from the thousands of freely available TV channels on the internet.

5. Puzzle

If you like puzzles, then this add-on is a must-have for you. When you clip this add-on to your FireFox browser, a new ‘Puzzle’ item is added to the main context menu. This add-on turns any image you choose into puzzle pieces; all you now do is put the pieces together and create the complete image again. This is a fantastic exercise for the brain as well.

6. Tilt 3D

If you are a 3D fan, wanting everything in 3D, get this add-on. With this add-on, you can create a 3D visualization of any webpage. Tilt 3D draws its 3D imagery using WebGL. Each node within the tree like DOM is represented to indicate depth and texture. You can obtain technical information pertaining to each node structure such as ID, class and other available attributes. You can also check out the CSS and HTML of every node in the DOM tree, export the webpage as a screenshot or as a 3D mesh.

7. Play Your Piano

If you love playing a piano but never really took it seriously before, here’s your chance to play it like a pro. After you add this add-on to FireFox, the number keys of your keyboard will turn into numbered music keys. You won’t become Chopin overnight, but it’s a good way to keep yourself motivated and entertained at the same time.

8. Pickemfirst Fantasy Sports

If you’re a sports fan, make Pickemfirst your fantasy sport assistant. This add-on will help you pick out the best available agents in fantasy sports leagues. You can have your pick of sports such as MLB, NBA, NFL and leagues such as CBS, ESPN and Yahoo. You can also enjoy live news, game statistics and opinions from top sports bloggers about any player that’s displayed on your FireFox at the moment.

9. Test Your Memory

Do you feel your memory could use a pick-me-up? This classic memory game uses the text of your currently open webpage to test your memory. All you do is select a few paragraphs of text, memorize as much as you can, and select your memorized words from the shaded display. If you get all the words right, you don’t need any help with your memory. However, if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ll find this add-on not just entertaining, but downright educational and informative. You’ll learn a great deal about how your mind records information!

10. Film Info And Reviews

A regular movie watcher? You need this add-on. Film Info and Reviews add-on brings you movie reviews for any chosen movie from 10 different review sites at a time. Whether you choose RottenTomatoes, IMDB, Wikipedia, or Roger Ebert, you can view all the reviews in one page and make up your mind about a movie. Set your favorite sites and watch them all load with just one click. Imagine, if you review several movies a week, just how much time this one add-on will save you!

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