15 Cool Google I’m Feeling Lucky And Other Hidden Tricks – Google Gravity, Sphere, Pacman, Heart, Rainbow and More!

1. Google Gravity

A fun-filled page created by a designer “Ricardo Cabello”. What this page does it is, it just pulls down the objects(buttons, textbox and links) and make it fall down just like it falls down due to the force of gravity, and you can have fun throwing the object all around the screen.

To View Google Gravity: Type in ‘Google Gravity‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.


Direct link: Google Gravity

This is a quite a old trick, but still working, use Google Chrome for better experience.

2. Google Sphere

I think, this is yet another project created by the same team, wo created Google Gravity. This is a quite similar to Google Gravity, this time the objects won’t fall down, but it forms a sphere and starts to rotate all over the screen. Google Sphere images search really looks cool with this effect.

To View Google Sphere: Type in ‘Google Sphere‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.


Direct Link: Google Sphere

3. Epic Google

This one gives a wider and bigger look of Google, but it doesn’t look exactly like how the real Google looks, as it’s using Google’s custom search if I’m right.

To View Google Epic: Type in ‘Epic Google‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Direct Link: Epic Google

4. Google Pacman

It was originally design as an animation or animated logo for the Pacman game’s 30th anniversary(a game created by Namco) on May 22, 2010 by Google.

To View\Play Google Pacman: Type in ‘Google Pacman‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Direct Link: Google Pacman

5. Google Heart

It’s a hidden page, that was created by Google for valentine’s day. Anyways, it isn’t working now, it just displays a simple Google search if you head over to Google Heart Page now.

To View Google Heart Page: Type in ‘Google Heart Page‘ and click “I’m Feeling  Lucky”.

Direct Link: Google Heart

Though it isn’t working anymore you can see how it was working, See Video Recording Of Google Heart Page.

6. Google Loco

Nothing very interesting in this, the Google Logo keeps dancing, and the search box’s color keeps changing when you type something.

To View Google Loco: Type in ‘Google Loco‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Direct Link: Google Loco

7. Google Rainbow

Do you like the colors of the rainbow? Then you will definitely like this Google Rainbow. It’s display the links with constantly changing colors that belongs to the Rainbow(VIBGYOR).

Type in ‘Rainbow Google‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Direct Link: Google Rainbow

8. Google Pirate & More Language

Google is available all over the world in several languages, but do you know Google is available in the following 7 strange languages too? Try it!

To View Google Mew: Type ‘ewmew fudd‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
To View Google Hacker: Type ‘Google hacker‘ or ‘google 133t’ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
To View Google Klingon: Type ‘Google Klingon‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
To View Google Piglatin: Type ‘Google Piglatin‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
To View Google Bork: Type ‘Google Bork‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
To View Google Pirate: Type ‘Google Pirate‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.
To View Google Chav: Type ‘Google Chav‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

9. Weenie Google

Weenie Google is said to be the little brother of Epic Google. It’s effect just opposite to that of Epic Google. The size of the page, keeps decreasing constantly till reaches some very tiny font size.

To View Weenie Google: Type in ‘Weenie Google‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Direct Link: Weenie Google

10. The Annoying Google

Let me tell you, this is really annoying! It displays a Google search which displays the texts in a mixture of upper and lower case. When you type something in the search box, you can see the texts keeps on changing the from upper to lower or lower to upper which is quite irritating and annoying!

To View Annoying Google: Type in ‘Annoying Google‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Direct Link: Annoying Google

11. Google Reverse

This one no longer looks good, only a mirror site is available now, I’m not sure if this one was available in English at the beginning, but know its available only is some Chinese language.

Google reverse display everything from right to left, instead of displaying it from left to right.

To View Google Reverse: Type in ‘elgoog‘ or ‘Google Reverse‘ and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”

Direct Link: Google Reverse

12. Google Graphs

Google helps students to plot mathematical functions that includes exponential, trigonometric and logarithmic, using Google search. It does a job of Graphing calculator. For Example: search for “(sin(55))*tan(200x)+sqrt(abs(1))-0.7*(1-10*x)^10, sqrt(1-x^2), -sqrt(0-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5“, and Google will show you,


(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5  This is very interesting it shows a heart image as a graph.

13. Tilt or Askew

When you type in Tilt or Askew in the search box, the screen gets tilted through a small angle(not much).

To View Tilt Or Askew: Just search for “Tilt” Or” Askew”.

14. Barrel Roll

When you type in “Do a  barrel roll” the screen will do a barrel roll. Don’t keep your eyes on the keyboard, you better see your screen because, the screen will start to do a barrel roll before you finish typing the work “Do a Barrel Roll”. Don’t miss the action.

To View Barrel Roll: Search for “do a barrel roll”.

15. Once In A Blue Moon

When you type in “once in a blue moon”, the Google Calculator responds a value in the search results. Try it yourself.


Finding all Google tricks and listing them all was quite a tiring work. I know have left out some Google tricks. Anyways, if you find I have left something that is very interesting, you can add them through your comments. Have fun, playing with these Google tricks.

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  14. I really had fun trying out these cool tricks! Thanks for sharing these! I wonder how someone can program these tricks into a website. But maybe it all has something to do with a good javascript and flash programming knowledge.

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