Do’s And Don’ts To Keep Your Adsense Account Safe


Getting an Adsense account was never an easy job. There are people who lose their account very soon after getting their Adsense account approved after a very long struggle. They don’t know what actually went wrong, and why they got banned from Adsense.

May be, it’s because that they are new to Adsense that they didn’t know what should be done, and should should not be done. In Adsense, you have very less to do, but got so much that you must not do to keep your Adsense account safe!

Though Adsense Policies clearly states the Do’s And Don’ts, In this post I thought I can elaborate it, but keep it simple for easy understanding.


What You Can Do! The DO’s

1. Create An Ad Unit.

2. Get the code, and place it on your website.

3. Start making money out of it.

4. Track clicks using Adsense performance report or Analytics.

Nothing else is there for you to do in Adsense. Keep it simple and just start making cash.

What You Must Not Do! The Don’ts

This is very important, if you care to keep your Adsense account safe make sure you follow this Don’ts list.

1. Illegal Ad Position

Do you know, Google consider certain Ad position to be illegal or violation of their policy? Yes, you can’t have your ad unit in certain places.

Behind Images:

This is a clearly mentioned in Adsense policies. You must not have ad units behind an images. This is a considered as a violation of their policies which will result in an account ban.

Below Drop down Menu:

You must not keep your Ad unit, below your drop down menu as the drop down may overlap the ad unit in some situation, which will be a cause for an accidental clicks. Adsense don’t let you to position ad units in such a way that it encourages accidental clicks.

This doesn’t matter a lot, but it’s always good and safe to follow it. Who likes to risk their Adsense account?

2. Site Niche

Once you have got your Adsense account approved you can use the ad code on others sites that belongs to you, without asking permission or approval from Adsense but when you are doing this, you must take care that the other site where you use the ad code adheres the policies of Google Adsense or doesn’t break the rules of Adsense.

You must not place Adsense on sites with copied content, unsupported language, low-quality content, and illegal content such as – Racial Discrimination, Pornography and other illegal sites.

3. Accidental Or Invalid Clicks

There are chances, you will accidentally click on Ads in your website when browsing your site. If you do it, it’s better to tell Google that you did it, by contacting them here.

It’s better to hide ads from Admin, you can do it easily if you using WordPress with the help of WordPress Conditional Tags – (is_admin()), if you are not good at programming, then you can always go for a plugin like Ad Injection, which will allow you to hide ads from admin.

4. Encouraged Clicks

This is again clearly stated in Adsense Policy. You must not ask your friends, relatives and anyone to click the ads that appear in your website. Which is clearly a violation and will result in an account ban.

Google uses many sources to find such clicks, you can’t cheat Google, It’s clever!

Read this: Ways That Google Detect Fraud Clicks

5. Don’t Program Bots

There are few who really tries to cheat Google by programming a bot that will do the clicks for them, let me tell you Google won’t take much times to find such things.

6. Report Invalid Clicks & Suspicious Activity

You must keep all your ads in track so if someones tries to get your account banned by clicking your ads several times in a very short period of time (this is just an example, tell them if you find ANYTHING suspicious, don’t hesitate!), you can find it instantly even before Google does it if you are monitoring it often. Even if Google does it before you, you can download your Analytics report and send it to Google to prove your innocence and keep your account save from getting it banned.

See This: How To Track Your Adsense

But Google usually won’t ban for this kind of reason they will find if its you or someone else behind the violation, and if they find it to be someone else, then Google will just reduce the revenue generated by those invalid clicks.

7. Labels “Sponsored  Links” and “Advertisements”

You must not use any labels other than “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements” for your advertisements.

8. No Multiple Adsense Account

If you have more than one site, and if you want to use Adsense in all then you don’t need to have multiple Adsense account, one account can do! Even if you get more than one Adsense account, Google will find it and there are chance that they will ban all your accounts.

9. No Ads Through Emails And Programs

Google doesn’t encourage you to send ads through e-mail or any other applications that you have created. If you do so, when any of those ads get clicked the source is enough for Google to find it.

10. Don’t Reveal Something That Shouldn’t Be Revealed

Google doesn’t want you to reveal the CPC, and all other stuffs except the revenue, if you share it with your readers on your website you will be penalized for it.

Useful Links: Protecting Your Adsense Account

Follow the Do’s and Don’t’s strictly! Keep your Adsense account safe. Good Luck.

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68 thoughts on “Do’s And Don’ts To Keep Your Adsense Account Safe

  1. “Below Drop down Menu:” is now only i am hearing thanks for the info

    1. Yea, many are not aware of such rules. I follow it on Geeks4share, you can have a look at our menu, the sub categories won’t overlap the ad units 🙂

      That only this, any position that encourages accidental clicks, are dangerous.

  2. Thanks for your comment Vishvast. Glad to know it was helpful for you 🙂

  3. Just 2-3 points:

    1. Generally people do not read the fine-print of Google Adsense conditions.
    2. I generally disable Javascript to disable ads on my site.
    3. Do you think that one should report to Google even if one has accidentally clicked a single ad on one’s own site?

    1. i agree with your first point. but after disabling JavaScript how is the internet browsing working out for you.? in my cases when the java script crashes some of the sites i see will be pathetic. i wonder how it worked fine to you. And praveen as usual simple and a strong post dude.. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks Praveen I was using a label additional links will this effect? I have changed it now.

    1. No, get it changed and that’s it 🙂

  5. Its seriously a tough job to keep your Adsense account safe. As a matter of fact,maintaining it is lot more tough than getting it approved. Thanks for sharing these tips Praveen.

    1. Agreed. But we “HAVE” to keep it save, as its one of the best way to make money online.

      1. Its always better to keep monitoring your adsense account to make it safe. I open my adsense account once daily to see the clicks and from where they came and all. Nice post.

  6. Good for me, I’m not yet an adsense user. But a big thanks to you for giving the pointers which we should and we shouldn’t do in adsense account. These tips will be very useful for me in the future.

  7. Good reminder for all Adsense users. Sometimes we do forget about the policies. I was not aware that ads should not be Below Drop down Menu, as i’ve seen many popular sites using that option.

  8. I have often wondered about my Youtube Adsense terms and conditions. My Youtube shows animated dogs talking about themselves, their views on being clothed, doing Harry Potter impersonations etc. If my kids now watch them and show their friends, am I likely to get my account suspended?

    1. It’s entirely different from encouraging others to click… What you have mentioned in your comment is called SHARING, which is happening in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks all the time. Google will differentiate them, So hopefully you won’t get your account suspended 🙂

      1. Yes sharing is other thing you will not get banned for this.

  9. thanks for letting us in on exactly what Google doesn’t like when it comes to adsense. I’ve heard of people’s accounts getting closed for no reason which makes it difficult to tell what you were in violation of. This article helps to understand how to keep your adsense account in good standing. Thanks Praveen.

  10. Praveen thanks for great tips !
    But when one of time adsense account disable. Next time it’s did not easily want. what i say you think ! But you are great.

  11. Good tips. Even I didn’t know how well Google safeguarded against Adsense frauds. A lot of AdSense newcomers will find it very useful for sure.


  12. Man, I must say that so many rules seem a little bit intimidating to me. I’m sure there are very sound reasons behind putting them in place, but wow. It’s really not simple!


  13. Hi again, I keep getting emails from Youtube members asking me to let them direct hits to my site (by the thousand). I have a feeling that would get my account banned. Any comments on this please? I have spent nearly six months promoting my wifes pet accessories store and would hate to fail on something as basic as this.

  14. Thats most common thing which every blogger use and other people use to have some good money and people should read about every terms of adsense for their betterment.

  15. Very informative post to keep adsense account secure. Thank you for your effort.

  16. Hi praveen,
    nice post it really helpful for beginner who usally dont read any adsense policy and at last end up with their ban account.

    1. He he… Yea, I agree with you, Google should have made their policy quite small in length! As it’s too lengthy people are lazy to read them.

      1. yeaah will mail them to make it readable or short

  17. These are important things to consider with Adsense. That is quite a list but you can make lots of revenue from Adsense. Google will lay the smackdown if you do things the wrong way invoving illegal clicks.

  18. Very good post, I’ll always keep these things in my mind. Thanks.

  19. Don’t Reveal Something That Shouldn’t Be Revealed

    But how does Google know what account is that? Has anyone had his account closed for this?

    Great tips by the way in this article:)

    1. In case, they get to know it, you will be banned.

      They will just try to find who shared their CPC and stuffs, and find out their Google ID easily. It’s not easy to escape from the eyes of Google .

  20. Thanks for the information.This will help me when i get an adsense account for my site.

  21. Wow, it seems that a lot things can go wrong with adsense. I have to start to pay attention to that kind of things more carefully. Def. thx for the post.

  22. Report anything suspicious to the Adsense Team, I wanted to say this.

    1. I agree with you.

  23. I never knew why there is an invalid click on my blog. I never click on my ad, but I see a reduction in earning my google ads. I really hope enlightenment about this

    1. Invalid clicks also includes from accidental clicks. When someone clicks on an ad on your site and closes the site next second, Google might consider it as an invalid click.

  24. Thanks for the tips. Found your posts via google. 🙂

  25. Years ago when I was new to the web I made an adsense account and used to click my own adds all the time, when I saw my earnings going up I thought I was onto a good thing but it wasnt. I lost my account and have not been able to open a new one since. I am 6 years older and wiser now and I think i could do okay from adsense but they wont have me back 🙁

    1. Create a new account and site. Apply in different name and address. You might get it approved 😉

  26. change your password often and remember that google adsense is a very valuable way to make money dont’ mess around with it in youtube until you know what your doing.

  27. Though Google Adsense policy says that putting adsense behind Images is illegal, i have seen many people around keeping ad units just behind or below the images.
    Anyway thanks for great posting.. it will really help us monetizing adsense with our blog.

    1. True, I have also seen a lot of sites get away with it but they will probably be caught sooner or later by Google anyway.


  28. Thanks for the tips, I’ve had my adsense account a while now and want to make sure I didn’t lose it. I knew someone that posted on her facebook for her friends to ‘check her links’ on her new adsense site so it seems she was lucky not to get caught!

  29. I really don’t have any idea to make make adsense account save, but I will try this tips. Thank U 🙂

  30. Have had adsense accounts banned in the past (for reasons they are yet to relay to me), but I have a new account now which I’m trying to protect like a mother hen protecting her chicks! Can’t afford to lose another adsense account.

    1. Then I hope this post should have helped you! 🙂 Thanks for your comment

  31. Now a days getting adsense account is very difficult and therefore making it safe is an important task and here you have mentioned the excellent tips that will help to keep the account safe.

  32. Good post Praveen… i remember once my friend blogger revealed CPC in a forum and got his account banned…

  33. Watch out this “Do you know, Google consider certain Ad position to be illegal or violation of their policy? Yes, you can’t have your ad unit in certain places.” This is true, so im marketing we need to be extra careful. It is advisable to take fully organically grown materials, strategy, tools— in that sense, you’re secure and google will love you.

  34. There are a lot of things you can do wrong with Adsense. I’ve always kept in line with the Provacy Policy and that’s probably why I have a 4 year old Adsense account.

  35. Great tips and very useful, will keep in mind what not to do.
    thanks for sharing

  36. Great tips. I’ve been really pissed off with Google’s Adsense as my account was put on hold and I cant seem to get a hold of a real person to get the issue resolved. Does anyone know how I can contact someone at Adsense?

  37. Great post must consider to keep adsense safe

  38. Well explained. If you go through with the Google Adsense policy you might miss out a few points. But here, it’s summarize, brief and direct to the point. Thanks for sharing!
    You might want to add, Ads may not be placed on popups.

  39. Some tips are very impressive that I could know were I can safely keep my account…

  40. Thanks for the knowledge about ad sense. What should be done and not in this aspect. I love it I learned a lot.

  41. These tips are really awesome, the tips are really explained well and google adsense is considered as an important aspect.

  42. Hi Praveen,
    Most people are joining online business marketing and everyone wants to keep accounts safe . you have make such nice tips for them.

  43. This is a really good checklist for any Adsense publisher. Don’t get your account banned.

  44. Nice Tips! One should even stay at safer side by not posting articles on topics like : Hacking, Cracking, or so. This is the thing I neglected previously and Adsense disabled my ad serving for lifetime.

  45. Nice tips. I think i am using almost all most all your tips. But i have getting many invalid clicks now my problem is solved.

  46. found this post really helpful, i must confess i haven´t bothered to read any of the adsense policy, i definately dont want to do anything inadvertantly wrong that´ll cause me to be banned…..thanks for your help

  47. Google Adsense is very strict when it comes to invalid clicks. We feel that it cannot find out but somehow it comes to know. I did this big mistake of invalid clicks and they cancelled my account. I had three more blogs with the same gmail ID. But Alas! I lost all earnings

  48. When my Adsense account was banned I was discouraged but now I have my new account and I follow all the Google Adsense rules. I’m happy and back on track. Just find your niche and make quality contents.

  49. Thank you boss, for guide line 🙂 really impressed 🙂

  50. Good article and i too follow this do’s and donts to safeguard my google adsense account thanks for sharing

  51. To keep your adsence account safe you must keep on monitoring your adsence account on daily basis. Also never post duplicate articles on your site.Most importantly follow the TOS of adsense.

  52. I was really not aware of what we should not do with adsense and i know its really harmful because getting an adsense account is one of the toughest job.Thanks to the author for sharing this article with us

  53. thanks for sharing the info
    it will be really useful for me

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