We are used to move and share large files through FTP, i.e File Transfer Protocol. Not only it is unsafe but it is also fairly difficult to utilize. Online file sharing services offer a fair alternative to FTP. Large files can be transferred in a fast manner, without any trouble, thanks to the possibilities of upload offered by these services. Data is sent almost instantly and the service is not difficult to use.


What Online File Sharing Services Are
The online file sharing services strive to satisfy the needs of their customers, mostly companies. However, small and large companies do not have the same needs, so the services adjust their offers to their client’s needs. Depending on the offer you choose, you will have either very large file size limit or no limit at all. Also, most of these services provide additional safe measures in order to protect your files. The best rated services are: Sharefile, Yousendit, and Engyte. Their services will be suitable for most companies that want to share big files and the security and efficiency of these companies are top-notch. These online file sharing services give you the ability to share and transfer data and information really fast. Videos, word documents, PDF files, you name it. Also if you are interested they offer additional services, such as storage space, or possibility to sign the documents online. If you are very concerned about the security there is an advanced security option. But, that’s not all. These services also offer tracking tools and not to forget the exceptional customer support.

What Do Online Files Sharing Services Offer?
What are the best features you could get from online file sharing services, you might wonder. No one could answer that question but you. You should know what you are looking before choosing the service. There are few issues you should consider before picking one of the many companies that provide online file sharing. Tracking tools are a vital element when it comes to transfer of large files. Your service should inform you when the file is uploaded as well as when it has been sent to the other user. Some executives would like to be able to supervise the activities of their workers. This is enabled by an audit log. A second important element is the storage space and the connection. Before making your decision you should know that highest number of allowed sends, the capacity of the storage space and the largest possible size for a file you’d like to send. The important of the security cannot be stressed enough. The transfer of the files has to be safe and free from theft and the connection should be free from any disruptions. They should also enable you to protect your files by a password. Finally, always give priority to services that provide support at all times, as opposed to those that have fixed working hours which are not 24/7. you can’t know when you are going to need their help. Therefore, it should be available all the time.

Online File Sharing – It’s Good For Everybody
It is obvious why online file sharing services have become so popular. They offer you one of the best ways for transferring large files. Many of them include additional services. Whether you are looking for just the basic needs, or a service with lots of additional features, you’ll be able to find what you need since the number of services offering online file sharing are growing each day.

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