If you find having to deal with the number of emails a tiresome and cumbersome task, don’t fret as there are actually free tools available to help you. These tools serve to manage, sort and organize your emails so that you can prioritize, work more effectively on those that require and ignore those that don’t deserve your attention.

Below is a list of the best free email tools (yes, mostly free) in the market that will help to keep your email inbox organized.


1. OtherInbox

You can consider OtherInbox your email personal assistant. What it does for you are organize your emails, create labels and sort them by priority, all done automatically! OtherInbox analyzes your emails and sorts them before automatically creating labels for each priority level or category. Of course, you can always create your own and OtherInbox is smart enough to automatically adapt.

That’s not all. OtherInbox even stops spam for you. By placing messages into the “OIB/Unsubscribed” folder, OtherInbox will work with the sender to ensure that you will be removed from the mailing list. There is no need for you to send an email requesting to stop receiving those pesky newsletters. At the end of the day, OtherInbox finishes its task by sending you a daily email digest that gives you a summary of all your received and organized message.

Works with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and AOL mail, this is a tool that amazes me to bits.

2. ActiveInbox

One of the better email organizers around is ActiveInbox. Turn emails into task lists, select messages to be read later and categorized emails according to the projects.

With this lovely free Gmail plugin for Chrome & Firefox, you can even add notes to the emails for your reference, which will only be visible to you. ActiveInbox makes email management even easier by adding a section to the sidebar for you to pick emails up quicker. In this sidebar, you can find the emails which you have converted to to-do lists as well as those categorized by projects and top priority. This plugin works with Gmail and Google Apps accounts on both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

3. Taskforce

Taskforce is great if your volume of emails isn’t that great. You can convert emails to tasks and delay tasks. Monitoring what is to be done is easy as there is a small collapsible task window above your inbox, giving you a quick view on what needs to be done. You can collaborate with others too but only if they are using Taskforce as well, else you would have to do it via email.

The Taskforce plugin works great with Chrome, Safari and Firefox with Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

4. Thunderbird

By using Thunderbird, you will be able to view a listing of every activity within your email, add people to your address book with just one click and search for items easily through the Quick Filter search box!

There is also a tabbed email feature which allows you to refer to several emails at the same time opened in different tabs.

Thunderbird is great for the forgetful too. I’m sure you have sent an email without the attachment before. Thunderbird will search for the word ‘attachment’ or ‘file types’ and if there are any, will remind you to attach a document before hitting the ‘send’ button. Lovely feature indeed!

5. Better Gmail 2

Created specifically for Gmail users, Better Gmail 2 helps users to list labels in a folder-like hierarchy and view attachments in a list-view. This app simplifies email-reading too by highlighting the rows of words as your mouse hovers on it. De-cluttering can be done as well by hiding the chat box, unread count and labels unless you hover over the message.

With these tools, managing emails wouldn’t be a time-consuming chore anymore. Simply check out these free email tools based on your preferences and download one to try it out; they are made available for free after all! Besides being able to spend more time on other tasks, there is also less tendency that you will miss an important email and you won’t spend time anymore working on the unnecessary.

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