When looking to create your own website, you will need to purchase a web hosting plan in addition to your domain name. Most novice webmasters do not realize that they need to purchase a hosting plan when coming up with their idea for a website and do not know how to find the best WordPress hosting provider.

WordPress is a content management system that makes building your own website extremely easy. No longer do you need to be an expert in a complicated computer language in order to build a website. Thanks to WordPress, you can build a website with a few clicks of your mouse. However, in order to have the best website possible, you will need to find the best WordPress hosting provider to host your website. Here are a few aspects you will want to look for when searching for a WordPress hosting provider.


One-Click Install of WordPress

Some hosting providers offer a one click install of WordPress right on your web server. This makes hosting your own website even easier as you just need to click on the “install” button when you are ready to load WordPress onto your server. Having this feature means less work for you when looking to build your own website, which can be a life saver if you do not know much about web servers.

Customer Support 

Support is another important aspect to consider when shopping around for the best WordPress hosting provider. You will want to purchase a hosting plan with a provider that offers 24/7 support via email, live chat, and over the phone. This level of support will ensure that any issue that may arise with your website can be corrected quickly no matter the time of day.

Up-Time Percentage

Researching the up-time percentage of a WordPress hosting provider before you agree to purchase a hosting plan will ensure that your site does not crash unexpectedly. Because you want your site to be online at all times, you want to use a hosting company that takes pride in their up-time.

Server Hardware and Reliability

As was the case with up-time percentage, you only want to purchase a WordPress hosting plan from a hosting company that provides top of the line server hardware and reliability. Having the peace of mind knowing that your web server is not going to crash or break down any time soon on its own will allow you to focus all of your energy into your website. Researching the internet to see what other webmasters are saying about a specific hosting provider’s server hardware and reliability will give you a good sense as to who is the best WordPress hosting provider.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Before you sign up for a specific WordPress hosting plan, you will need to think about the structure of your website and what your vision is moving forward. If you envision a large website with a lot of content, you will want to purchase a hosting plan with enough disk space to run your website. A web server only comes with so much disk space. If you run out of disk space, you will not be able to add any more pages to your website.

If you are planning on having a website with a lot of multimedia files such as audio and video, you will want to make sure the plan you are about to purchase has enough bandwidth to support your site. If you purchase a plan with only a little bandwidth, you may be hit with overage charges, so it is important that you take bandwidth into consideration when searching for the best web hosting plan for your needs.

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