While people are blogging about what to do to become a successful blogger in the blogosphere, I will tell you doing what has to be done alone will never get you to the success, there are some things you must not do to be successful.

In this post, I will let you know about 10 things a blogger must never do.

1. You Must Not Blog For Money

Blogging for money will never let you go far in your blogging career. Blogging for money will take the patience from you which will in most cases force you to quit blogging in early stages. When you blog for passion and long term goal you will be able to stick on to blogging for a long time that you will be able to find success.


2. You Must Not Expect An Overnight Success

Most of the newbie bloggers are not right these days. They enter the blogosphere with a wrong expectation (may be it’s due the growing number of fake advertisements). This wrong expectation is one major reason for many blogs to face failure. Believe me, blogging is not a get-rich-quick thing. It needs a quality filled hard work to become successful.

3. You Must Not Try Black Hat SEO

Now a days, even SEO isn’t working for many, it does work rarely for lucky guys (Google Panda has put “an almost” end to SEO). Black Hat SEO are tricks that are not encouraged by search engines. It can even get you permanently out of Google SERP, if you’re caught. When you know about Black Hat SEO I’m sure you will be tempted to do it, but it’s unnecessary and dangerous, so you must stay away from it.

4. You Must Not Copy Other’s Content

Copying is now increasing rapidly, now a days I can see lots of sites copying contents from my blog too. Content being the king and a property of others, stealing it is like committing a crime, a property theft. Moreover, by copying contents from other’s blog one will never get any profit. Content theft can be found within few minutes using search engines and some tools like DMCA.com. Search engine’s algorithms are constantly changing to trash the content stealer’s sites from the search results.

5. You Must Not Lose The Blogging Consistency And Frequency

No matter how many days time you take to update your blog once, but you should be able to update your blog every time in that same interval of time. So that your blog readers doesn’t get disappointed. Moreover, it’s a fact that search engines like pages with constant content change (update).

6. You Must Not Stop Replying To The Commentators

One of the biggest milestone in blogging is getting the first comment from a real reader(not a spam), that really sounds great. But, when days goes on, you must never stop respecting the comments and stop replying to them.

I know, it’s going to be a tiring job when your blog starts to attract 100 comments everyday. So you must try to create an interactive forum(where readers reply to other reader’s comment) before you start to feel it’s impossible to reply to everyone’s comment.

7. You Must Not Write Articles On Several Niche

Writing on several niches is not recommended. Choose a niche in which you have more passion and knowledge and keep going with it. Don’t get diverted.

8. You Must Not Spoil Your Reputation

Never get down for a fight with some commentators. Some comment’s might be tempting you to give a harsh reply, doing so will spoil your reputation. Which isn’t good for you. Then how to deal with those kind of comments in your blog? Read my previous blog post about “Dealing With Negative Comments In Your Blog“.

9. You Must Not Spam Others

Sometimes people misunderstand “marketing”, especially “comment marketing”. They just start to spam other’s site and social media with their links. Which isn’t good for you and your blog’s reputation.

10. You Must Not Deny To Learn Stuffs

Never hesitate to read and learn more, you must keep yourself up to date, only then you can survive longer in this competitive blogosphere.

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