Having recently changed the site’s layout, I have started to receive many e-mail from readers asking what is the theme used in our blog and what is/that plugin. So, here is the answer for all those e-mails.

In this post, I have listed the plugins that powers Geeks4share.com and the theme used.

1.  Ad Injection

This is really the best plugin, when it comes to inserting ad units around your site. This plugins provides you the option to insert the ad units at the top, middle, bottom of the articles and in the footer (with advanced conditions and filters).

The 300x250px ad unit seen within this article is inserted using this plugins.

Link to the plugin


2. Akismet

Akismet comes along with WordPress. It’s used to move the spam comments to the spam queue which reduces the tiring moderation work in your blog.

Link to the plugin

3. All In One SEO Pack

Helps you to add Title, Description and Keywords to your posts optimizing it for the search engine. It’s one of the powerful and recommended Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress.

Link to the plugin

4. AntiSpam Bee

It’s like Akismet, but this one doesn’t put the spam comments to the spam queue, but just blocks it making the comment moderation work much more easier.

Link to the plugin

5. AuthorBox

Authorbox holds the information about the author who wrote a particular post. AuthorBox comes along with certain themes, but my themes doesn’t have it. So, I use this plugin to add an authorbox to the posts.

Link to the plugin

6. Block Spam By Math Reloaded

This plugin protects your blog login, comments, and new user/new blog signup process against spam-bots with a simple math question. I can even show proof that the spam comments/registration had gone down drastically after replacing the Re-Captcha plugin with this Math Captcha plugin.

Link to the plugin

7. Comment Reply Notification

Comment reply notification plugin notifies the commentators when there is a reply for their comment. This plugins helps improving the conversation/discussion in your blog, making your blog more interactive.

Link to the plugin

8. Contact Form 7

Very simple looking contact form for your blog.

Link to the plugin

9. Featured Articles Lite

This is a JavaScript Featured Article Slider. You can see this plugin in action in our homepage.

Link to the plugin

10. Google XML Sitemaps

This is a cool sitemap generator for your blog. You can see the sitemap generator by this plugin here. The plugin maker claims that these sitemaps help your site to get indexed better by Search Engines likes Google and Bing.

Link to the plugin

11. Mobile Press

I use this plugin to make my blog available to mobile users in a completely different and a simple theme(very light and simple).

Link to the plugin

12. nRelate Related Content

This is definitely the best “Related Content” plugin you will ever find. You can choose different themes and the relevancy level. It also allows you to make money. How?

Read this to find it out: 3 Easy Steps To Make Money With nRelate Plugin

Link to the plugin

13. Peter’s Collaboration Emails

This plugin notifies the admin when a post has been submitted for review and also notifies the contributor about the post’s status when changed or published or scheduled.

Link to the plugin

14. ShareBar

This adds a dynamic floating share buttons to your articles. It can also adjust itself according to the browser size, screen resolution and page location.

Link to the plugin

15. Simple Author Highlight

You can see that my comments appear in a blue background. That has been done with the help of this plugin, it helps you to highlight certain user’s comment.

Link to the plugin

16. Top Contributors

It lists the top contributors of your blog. i.e It’s a widget where it can display the top commentators or the top guest authors of your blog.

Link to the plugin

17. WP Smush It

This is one of the most recommended and a must have plugin. It compresses the images that you upload to your blog, which in turn helps in keeping your blog little more fast.

Link to the plugin

18. WP Subscribers

This plugin allows you to add a lightbox or popup to your blog. If you have visited my site for the first time in 30 days then you could have noticed the pop-up window that appeared in the homepage prompting you to subscribe to our mailing list. This is the only premium plugin used. It costs $47 or $97 depending on the license you purchase.

Link to the plugin

Theme – BioRaz

But, by now there are very less similarities between the original BioRaz and the current Geeks4share’s theme, as it has been re-designed twice.

Link to the theme

Hope this was helpful :)

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