5 Tips To Stay Anonymous On The Web


Concerned about privacy while browsing the Internet? Believe it or not you might be the next one tracked down by the FBI and charged for copyright infringement, Thanks to the protests against SOPA and PIPA, it is a bit of relief for such Internet Privacy Concerns.

5 Tips for Internet Privacy

Masking your IP Address

With ISPs issuing out private information which includes every detail from Name to Address of the IP Address owner without much obligation to legal authorities, Web privacy is really at stake.


Virtual Private Networks or Proxies act as a middlemen servers browsing through VPN is the only method to hide or mask your IP Address and keep your information information.

Check out the Best 5 VPN Services to help you choose one.


Cookies can track your every browsing activity and can be retrieved by Web Servers and store the information. Too Avoid getting your Surfing activity recorded, It is suggested to disable cookies or regularly keep deleting Cookies from your Web Browser.


Who Knows, Your Boss or your spouse might be tracking your every movement and key strokes on your PC by a simple Spyware. It is most commonly used platform to hack and crack your passwords.

Install a good Anti-Virus or Anti Spyware tools specifically to stay safe from getting spied.

Social Websites

A few Social Media websites prompt you for your Phone number, Address. Avoid filling in your details if they are displayed publicly. All it takes is to Google your name to fetch your details.

Disposable E-mails

A lot of Squeeze webpages out there prompt you for Your Name and E-mail address promising to give Free Tips and E-Books delivered to your mail box. Your e-mail might just end up receiving loads of Spam e-mail.

Disposable Emails provide a plug n play kind of e-mail inbox system. You can have an e-mail address without Registration or any hassle. Remember, they only last few hours before getting deleted and can be accessed by anyone.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips To Stay Anonymous On The Web

  1. There are some instances that we really need to be anonymously browsing the web to protect us from some circumstances!

  2. You are never anonymous on the net. Why should you have anything to hide?

  3. I appreciate these tips. Today there are many fraudulent task occur through the Internet because we avoid these 5 terms. We should follow these tips. It is very interesting and informative and also beneficial for us.
    A lot thanks sharing this post!

  4. But still there are some web tools that can actually track us and they can even know what we are doing in the web. As far as I know Google AdSence is in the top of the list.

  5. To prevent tracking cookies, I suggest you use Ghostery add-on for Firefox (probably for Chrome too). With a single click, you can disable all tracking cookies, and if you want, to enable them again equally effortlessly. And if you really want stay under the radar, you can use TOR router when browsing.

  6. Good job!. Its Amazing tips for me. It is very interesting and informative and also beneficial for us.mostly guys they don’t follow of these tips.but i think we should it.I am very thankful to tell us about the tips.

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