You have been blogging for some time now. You feel suffocated as every idea has been squeezed out of you. You have given your all to your blog to make it interesting, engaging and memorable. So what else can you do to give your blog a breath of fresh air? How do you constantly come up with new appealing contents?

Below, let me share with you some tips on how to create a successful blog with some good content strategy.

  • Be a “reporter”

    This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and spot stories but rather, do research on the Internet and report your findings.

    This isn’t difficult as all you need to do is simply read a few sites related to your niche and then write a summary. On top of that, add your thoughts or conclusion on what you have reported on. By doing this, you don’t have to think of fresh ideas but merely compiling information from various resources. Not only that, you come across as having sound knowledge of the industry and you’d benefit your readers too. They don’t have to go scouting for info but can have it all from your writings and research!

  • Make the past into a story

    It is okay to talk about the past. Look back into your calendar for your milestones and talk about them.

    For instance, it could be your website’s 5th anniversary and you could talk about how far it has come along, where it is at the moment and the aspirations in the coming years. You could even organize a sale, promotion or giveaway to coincide with the anniversary or the milestone!

  • Link and comment

    See what are the others writing about in your niche. Visit a few related blogs, preferably of the more popular bloggers, and see if they have written anything that you have a strong opinion about. If there are a piece that interests you, link it in your blog and write about it.

    Object, agree, comment and opine. By commenting on a topic that someone has written about, you don’t have to come up with fresh topics but merely add your thoughts that have formed in your head. This type of blog posts will most likely spark a lot of comments and discussions among your readers!


  • Invite a guest writer

    Every now and then, it is good to get a new perspective and a somewhat new style of writing too! It is indeed refreshing for you to take a step back for a while, as well as for the readers to read something different than the usual.

    Invite fellow bloggers to contribute an article or two on your blog. It will be helpful if you have networked previously as these bloggers will be more willing to do you a favor. Return the favor if approached too someday by writing on their blogs instead!

    Guest blogging is a huge topic and we will talk more about this in another blog post in the near future. We will talk about the benefits of guest blogging, how it will benefit both the blog and the blogger as well as how search engines like the contents!

    It is indeed challenging to maintain a blog that is constantly brimming with well-written exciting contents. However, you will notice that most of the tips above do not involve you coming up with anything new of your own but merely adding insights on existing contents. As such, coming up with a successful content strategy is easier than you think it is. Happy blogging!

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