3 Self-Destruct Email Services To Send Secret Emails


Sometimes you will confront a situation like this, your friend will ask your bank details for any transfer or any IT department official’s needs your password to modify your account. Seriously, that’s not right things to share those information online because passwords and account details are very sensitive once they got hacked the damages will be severe.


So you need an alternate solutions for this problem, this is why I compiled a list of free self – destruction email services that helps you to send safe and secure messages online which can’t be hacked.

What is Self-destruction Emails?
In general, these are temporary message that will last for only few minutes or hours and can’t be retrieved back once it self-destructed.

1. OneShar.es, Lets you to create self-destructive messages, once created it will automatically generate a unique URL for the message. You can send this URL to anyone via mail or text message.

Once the recipient saw this message it will self-destruct itself within a particular time and cannot be retrieved back.

Features –

> Very simple to use.
> Encrypted messages.
> You have an option to choose between 30 minutes – 3 days for message expiry.

2. Privnote – This is one the oldest service to create those self-destructive emails. According to a recent stats, this Privnote has been satisfied over millions of users to send private information

Features –
> The unique features about this service are you will get notified once your message is read by the recipient.

3. BurnNote – A very similar service like privnote to communicate online privately. The most unique features of this service are it adds an extra security layer like “password protect” to the messages so if you wish you can give any password to open the document.

Advanced Security Layers,

The options menu of Burnnote highlights three display options that enhance the security for the messages,

Plain Text (Copying Ok) – This will display the message as you sent which can be easily copied using ctrl + c option and you can also take ascreenshot of the message.

Short Phrases –
The original message will be short phrased and displayed part by part so it very tough to copy the message to clipboard or taking screenshot of the message.

Spy Glass –
When you click the link the screen will appears dark on your browser. You must move your mouse pointer to view the message which is similar to reading by the spyglass.

Author Bio –
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3 thoughts on “3 Self-Destruct Email Services To Send Secret Emails

  1. Oh, I didn’t know such email services exist. BurnNote looks pretty good… I like it!

  2. Good one Praveen 🙂 It is always not recommended to share sensitive information with others. Also I wonder if the above services are secure. I will never risk my security and better not to send them thorough any service.

  3. now that is seriously a very nice information shared by you. Many times i get into this situation but now i got a solution. I liked oneshare.es…..

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