Why SQL Is Not Suited for the Cloud and What Is NuoDB


In the data world, SQL is a relation-based, data model, and the most common means used to retrieve and manipulate data. Predicates, clauses, expressions and queries that are all used in SQL data management system have made it abundantly popular and user friendly. But this traditional data management system suffers serious of limitations, including:

  • Process becomes tedious when large volume of data is used.
  • Often incorrect SQLs are created for multi table data graph.
  • Data repetition occurs that occupies much of your storage.
  • Cannot use DML operations.
  • The absence of table makes the view inactive.
  • This traditional data management system uses much of resources.
  • You don’t get the feature of elasticity.
  • Needs considerable growth in the area of geo-distribution.

Why SQL is not suited for cloud

SQL is more than 30 years old and it was not designed with the intent of remote, or “cloud” computing. It was solely built to to leverage server architecture. Cloud-based computing requires things to be easily added and removed to meet huge demands, and it’s a bit too complex in these traditional database designs.

Enter, NoSQL

When we deal with a huge quantity of data we can’t always manipulate such large data with the traditional structured query language and hence forth the “Not Only SQL” came into existence. noSQL mainly concentrates on retrieval, not on the relation, between data. Big companies that deal with huge quantities of data such as Google and Amazon started using these noSQL databases. The cloud-friendly way to approach large data is noSQL. For key value storage, big tables, huge document storage, graphical databases, peer stores, the XML database, noSQL design is the more suited one.

NoSQL does have its own set of limitations. NoSQL fails in giving ACID guarantees.

  •   Atomicity: If one part fails then everything fails
  •   Consistency: Assurance that the entire process remains in a valid state.
  •   Isolation: Process occurs in a well defined order.
  •   Durability: Process remains committed or the data has permenant storage.


NoSQL has other limitations, as well. The JOIN clause which helps in combining 2 or more tables from 1 or more database is not available in these NoSQL format databases. Additionally, a lot of skill and effort are required to maintain these databases. Case in point, it’s been more than 25 years since the concept came into existence, but finding a skilled professional to maintain a NoSQL database is very difficult.


In the end, the noSQL database is of an open source sort, and to the above point, organizations often find a lack of expertise to support it.  There are some serious security threats prevailing in noSQL database systems, as well.

What is NuoDB?

It’s time for a new breakthrough in the realm of database management systems. NuoDB has built a milestone mark in the history of data technology with their new elastically scalable database management system. It behaves just like a traditional SQL database system, but provides the benefits of a cloud based solution prix achat viagra.

Because it’s elastically scalable, NuoDB works asynchronously, and always in concert with cloud. The data base can dynamically scale load in and out based on load. It supports multiple platforms and hence can use both public and private cloud providers to do load management. And the real kicker, it’s a cloud based data management system which offers guaranteed ACID transactions.

NuoDB’s ability to share machines, and its SQL standards make it an easy platform for developers to work with. An existing SQL database runs almost with no modification or minimal changes. Further, the unique architecture of NuoDB allows you to grow, shrink, allocate, reassign and provision database. As we draw closer to the company’s final launch product, I’m excited. NuoDB very well may be your new alternative to the traditional database management system.

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  1. “Cannot use DML operations” – why dou have trouble running inserts and updates?

  2. Aswin, thank you so much for your updates on these databases developments. I think NoSQL and NuoDB are the future! We all need quick access to data these days, right?

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. Our community version (2 node limit, no storage limit) version is free forever. http://www.nuodb.com/explore/sql-cloud-database-how-to-buy/

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