Internet users will always have questions and they use the search engines to look for answers. According to a Nielsen report, there are 500 million searches performed online very single day. The report also revealed that 85-95% of all internet traffic stem from the search engines.


If your brand needs a boost there is no better place to start than with Q&A sites. People are using these sites to ask questions and you can set yourself up as the go to authority if you know what to do.

Here are six reasons that you should be using Q&A sites:

  • People search for questions more than generic phrases.
  • These sites have become more popular in the last year. The increase in “how to” sites testifies to a need for answers to questions.
  • High rankings in the search results pages. More and more of these pages are showing up in the search results in response to question related queries.
  • Diversify your backlink profile since people can usually include a source page in the answers. Take note that in most cases anchor text links cannot be used and the links are also no follow but it is still a way to diversify the links pointing to your site.
  • People might sooner point to a question site in response to a question than to a corporate page.
  • Get targeted traffic and better conversions since people who are actively looking for answers will ultimately follow through on the best solution.

How to build your brand with Q & A sites? 

There are now many question sites and they’re all built on what is basically the same context. Using the popular site Quora we’ll take a look at the steps required to build your brand.

Sign up

First you’ll need to get an account. The process will be very similar to open a social media account. When you register do so as an expert and remember to include links to your website on your profile so that people can go there to get more information about you.

Follow, follow, follow

The next step should be to follow people and topics that are related to your niche. Keep an eye out daily for questions that you can jump in and respond to. The more you participate the more opportunities that you will get to build your brand.

Set yourself as an authority

See every question that is asked within your niche as an opportunity to set yourself up as an authority. Give well thought out answers to showcase your knowledge and establish trust. Drop links to your site and perhaps other sites so that users can get more information.

Pay attention to what others are saying

Don’t get so focused on your own agenda that you don’t pay attention to what other experts and even your competition are saying. You will be able to find some priceless tips on growing your own brand. These include the particular challenges faced by your target market and things that your competitors are doing to stay ahead.

Keep tabs on your status

Users on Quora have the opportunity to vote on their favorite answers so it is important to check in and see how you’re progressing in the community. The best answers always rise to the top that is something that you should be aiming for.

Question sites provide an excellent opportunity to earn visibility for your brand, build trust and set yourself up as an authority. You are not limited to Quora as LinkedIn and Yahoo are also every effective. The key is to get active and you’ll see that question sites will provide lots of traffic and leads as people look to your site to give them the solutions that they need.

What is your experience with Q&A sites?

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